The Critical Components of Layering while on the Water

Core Layers

Core Layers offer excellent comfort and performance in next-to-skin applications. These highly breathable, moisture wicking layers keep you warm and dry by actively absorbing water vapor molecules (caused by sweat) and allowing them to evaporate on the surface of the fabric. A core component to keeping you warmer and on the water longer

Mid Layers 

Mid Layers bring excellent breathability together with high thermal insulation values. These pieces allow moisture vapors to escape, while keeping your body's dry heat closer to your sking. Mid Layers are great for extra warmth on a cool day or as an under layer in extreme conditions.

Thermal Layers

Thermals layers utilize the best thermal insulation fabrics available. They capture your body's heat and create a convective heat layer, keeping you warmer when active. Also highly air-permeable, thermal layers are designed to interact with other outerwear styles, allowing for maximum breathability on wet and windy days on the water. 

Simms Exstream Jacket Simms ADL Jacket |
Simms Exstream JacketSimms ADL Jacket

Simms Exstream Jacket will become a new favorite jacket for the serious fly angler that is looking for the highest warmth during the harsh winters. THe Simms Exstream Jacket features new Primaloft synergy insulation. Free Shipping

Simms ADL Jacket has you covered for the colder days or if you are looking to add warmth underneath a jacket for extreme winter conditions. The ADL Jacket is a soft shell with DWR finish that is stylish yet very warm. Free Shipping



Simms Axis Hoody | Simms Exstream Pant
Simms Axis HoodySimms Exstream Pant

Simms Axis Hoody delivers polartec warmth and versitility with a full zip hoody and hydrophobic cuffs to keep the water out. The Simms Axis Hoody is a great addition to your layering especially for the winter months. Free Shipping.

Simms Exstream Pant is the warmest pant to wear not only under your waders, but around the town when the weather conditions are at their colders. The Simms Exstream Pant is for the serious winter fly fisherman. 



Simms Fall Run Jacket | Simms Montana Techwool
Simms Fall Run JacketSimms Montana Techwool Zip Top

Simms Fall Run Jacket is soon to be your new favorite piece of gear for the early spring or late fall. The Simms Fall Run Jacket is updated with new Primaloft and design for 2014. FREE SHIPPING

Simms Montana Techwool is a new zip-up wool fleece designed to keep you warmer, while also keeping you warm if the material is wet. The Simms Montana Techwool is a necessity for the late fall to early spring fishing conditions. Free Shipping



Simms Fall Run Vest | Simms Taimen Tricomp LS Shirt |
Simms Fall Run VestSimms Taimen Tricomp LS Shirt

Simms Fall Run Vest is perfect for the early spring or late fall when the weather turns colder. The Simms Fall Run Vest is favorite here at the fly shop that keeps us warm and on the water longer. Free Shipping in the U.S.

Simms Taimen Tricomp Shirt may be the best fishing shirt on the planet. The quick dry and wicking fabric with zippered chest pockets that are fly box compatible makes this shirt the perfect fishing shirt. Free Shipping in the U.S.



Simms Montana Wool Mid Top | Simms Hyalite Rain Shell Pant, Simms Waterproof Pant
Montana Wool Mid TopSimms Hyalite Rain Shell Pant

Simms Montana Wool Mid Top, New for Fall 2014, features a very warm Montana Wool that provides next-to-skin comfort and warmth. This is perfect mid-layer for the early spring and later fall season. Free Shipping

Simms Hyalite Rain Shell Pant is a perfect addition to any angler looking for a durable, breathable, waterproof rain pant for the times when mother nature takes a turn for the worse. Simms Hyalite Rain Shell Pant is now available. Free Shipping. 



Simms Guide Fleece Bib | Simms Montana Wool Mid Bottom |
Simms Guide Fleece BibSimms Montana Wool Mid Bottom

Simms Guide Fleece Bib maximizes warmth and breathability during the colder months. Pair the Simms Guide Fleece Bib with Simms Waderwick Top and Bottoms for maximum warmth while chasing species in colder weather. Free Shipping

Simms Montana Wool Mid Bottom, New for Fall 2014, features the Made in USA Montana fine wool, providing soft next-to-skin comfort and maximum insulation for the colder fishing seasons. Free Shipping.



Simms Cascade Softshell Pant | Simms Coldweather LS Shirt |
Simms Cascade Softshell PantSimms Coldweather LS Shirt

The Simms Cascade Softshell Pant features an adjustable wast with a polyester face and DWR finish to make these pants perfect for the early spring to late fall when the weather turns. Free Shipping in the U.S.

Simms Coldweather Shirt is the perfect heavy duty, lined shirt for wearing as an outer layer or warm layering underneath. This advanced micro-fleece-lining will keep you comfortable and looking great in these ultra-warm, brushed-flannel plaids. Free Shipping!



Simms Coldweather Pant Simms Montana Wool Core Crewneck |
Simms Coldweather PantSimms Montana Core Crewneck

Simms Coldweather Pant makes setting out into the winter outdoors a pleasure. Ultimate heat delivery comes courtesy of a DurapelPlus® water-resistant finish, textured fleece lining, and toasty handwarmer pockets. Free Shipping!

Simms Montana Wool Core Crewneck features the Montana fine wool providing a core layer that is breathable, comfortable, while insulating warmth while on the water during the colder months. Free Shipping.



Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody | Simms Guide Mid Top Fleece |
Simms Rogue Fleece HoodySimms Guide Mid Top

Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody is the perfect early spring, late fall jacket to keep you warm on the slighly colder days. Absolutely the jacket for late fall steelhead/salmon/trout fishing. Free Shipping.

Simms Guide Mid Top features a new articulate fit, with 4-way stretch-resistant fleece to offer better warmth, mobilty, breathability, and wicking perfomance when compared to the original Simms Guide Fleece. Free Shipping



Simms Guide Mid Pant | Simms Guide Core Top |
Simms Guide Mid PantSimms Guide Core Top

Simms Guide Mid Pant is newly constructed for the 2014 season. The Guide Pant features a updated 4-way abrasion resistant stetch fleece, which is going to increase warmth, breathability, mobility, and wicking performance. Free Shipping

Simms Guide Core Top, New for Fall 2014, features a lightweight fleece design as a core layer for all day comfort, breathability, and warmth. A perfect core pieces for the early spring and late fall seasons. Free Shipping.



2013 Simms RiverTek Bottom Simms Waderwick Thermal Pant Gunmetal |
Simms RiverTek BottomSimms Waderwick Thermal Pant

Slip into comfort with the Simms RiverTek Bottom, featuring 4-way Stretch mobility, a Plush elastic Waist, moisture wicking and and anti-odor performance with hydrophobic stirrups for easy on-off layering. Free Shipping!

Simms Waderwick Thermal Pant is newly constructed providing a microfiber fleece that keeps you warm in cooler climate fishing situations. Optimized for breathability, warmth, and wicking performance. Free Shipping





Simms Waderwick Thermal Top | Simms Waderwick Core Crewneck |
Simms Waderwick Thermal TopSimms Waderwick Core Crewneck

Simms Waderwick Thermal Top is perfect for wearing on the river or lake when temps grow colder or while around town. The Simms Waderwick Thermal Top features a microfiber fleece for added warmth and breathability. Free Shipping

Simms Waderwick Core Crewneck is a perfect baselayer for those colder days on the water. A next-to-skin performance that is breathable and warm. This should be the start of your colder season layering. Free Shipping.



Simms Waderwick Core Bottom | Simms Waderwick Boxer |
Simms Waderwick Core BottomSimms Waderwick Boxer

Simms Waderwick Core Bottom is the perfect base layer piece for the early spring and fall. A 2-way stretch fabric with Core3 Technology gives the angler comfort, breathability, and warmth. Free Shipping. 

Simms Waderwick Boxer is the perfect base layer for excellent warmth and breathability. Anit-odor and wicking abilities, makes this boxer a must have in all fishing seasons. Free Shipping.