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Bjorn Hopper | ReelFlyRod Bjorn Kamikaze Stonefly Fly | ReelFlyRod
Bjorn Hopper: Qty: 2Bjorn Kamikaze Stonefly

The Bjorn Hopper is a high floating grass hopper imitation that works great for off color water, evenings, or hopper/dropper scenerios. Qty: 2

If you are out west, the Salmonfly hatch is one of the best in the summer time. Whether you hopper/dropper fish or just like to throw dry flies, the Kamikaze is best of both worlds. Qty: 1 



Blockhead Popper | ReelFlyRod.com Chubby Chernobyl Hopper Fly | ReelFlyRod
Blockhead PopperChubby Chernobyl Hopper Fly (Qty: 2)

Designed out of Minnesota, the Blockhead popper is a terrific fly pattern for the top water bite. Not as loud as a hard popper, but the blockhead popper is able to push the water creating good sound to rise fish from the depths.

The Chubby Chernobyl Hopper is a great general searching pattern that can be used to imitate Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, or hoppers depending on size and color. Qty: 2



Damsel Adult Fly | ReelFlyRod Bass Popper Fly | ReelFlyRod.com
Damsel Adult Hackle: Qty: 1Deer Hair Popper Fruit Cocktail

Damsel Adult Hackle flies are the perfect warmwater fly during the summer time. Damsel's are very numerous around rivers and lakes. Great for panfish, bass, and even lake trout. Qty: 1

The Deer Hair Popper Fruit Cocktail fly is incredibly popular among Bass fly fishermen.  Perfect for both Smallmouth and Largemouth, this fly is ideally suited for almost all topwater needs. Qty: 1



Swimming Frog | ReelFlyRod.com Foam Popper Fly | ReelFlyRod.com
Deer Hair Swimming FrogFoam Popper Fly

Whether it is early season in April or May, or the later season when the temperatures are hot and the evening popper fishing is on. The Deer Hair Swimming Frog is the essential deer hair popper to cast. Qty: 1

What a great pattern when the popper fishing turns on for the bass species. The foam bass popper floats and rides high all day and has a softer pop when stripping. Qty: 1



Micro Popper Fly | ReelFlyRod.com Rainy Joom Diver | ReelFlyRod.com
Micro Popper Fly, Qty: 1Rainy Joom Diver Fly Chartreuse QTY: 1

Fishing crappie, panfish, or bass. The Micro Popper is the perfect smaller popper fly to throw in the weeds or around structure. This is a favorite pattern for anglers that fish lakes and ponds. Qty:1

The Rainy’s Joom Diver is a big bass killer. The Joom Diver is a foam version of a Dalberg Diver that pops and wiggles its rubber legs like crazy. It won’t hold as much water as a deer hair fly, and comes tied with single prong weedguard.



Skitter Mouse | ReelFlyRod.com Rainy's Favorite Terrestrials Fly Selection (30 Flies)
Skitter MouseRainy's Favorite Terrestrials Fly Selection (30 Pack)

This is the pattern that brings in the large trout and bass. Best to use during the evening and throughout the night, the skitter mouse is makes a perfect wake to entice the biggest predator. Qty: 1

Get ready for a smashing good time! This premium 30-pack is a collection of our favorite Terrestrials to fish. It contains a combination of traditional and Signature patterns that are sure to be a big hit! Free Shipping!



ReelFlyRod.com Ultimate Terrestrial Fly Selection Chernobyl Hopper Fly | ReelFlyRod
ReelFlyRod.com Ultimate Terrestrial Fly SelectionChernobyl Hopper Fly (Qty: 2)

The ReelFlyRod.com Ultimate Terrestrial Fly Selection offers 18 flies hand selected by our Pro Staff, arranged in a premium doubled sided waterproof fly box. This selection is a go to for summer time trout fishing. Free Shipping in USA

The Chernobyl Hopper is a great general searching pattern that can be used to imitate Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, or hoppers depending on size and color. Qty: 2




Cricket Hopper | ReelFlyRod Dave Hopper Dry Fly | ReelFlyRod.com
Cricket Hopper: Qty: 2Dave's Hopper: Qty: 2

Any terrestrial can be good at the right time, in the right conditions. The cricket hopper is a monster deer hair fly for bluegills and bass just off the bank or under overhanging foliage. Qty: 2

Dave's hopper fly is a great, classic dry fly that imitates a grasshopper and gets big strikes from trout. Perfect for the early to late summer time or when fishing out in the western states. 



Indicator Bettle Dry Fly | ReelFlyRod.com Bass Popper Fly | ReelFlyRod.com
Indicator Beetle : Qty : 2Bass Popper Fly

Indicator Beetle Dry Fly, use this foam fly pattern as an indicator and drop a small nymph off the bottom or fish a small dry fly behind it. Quantity of 2. Free Shipping.

Bass Popper fly is incredibly popular among Bass fly fishermen.  Perfect for both Smallmouth and Largemouth, this fly is ideally suited for almost all topwater needs.



Beetle Foam Fly | ReelFlyRod Hair Bass Bug Fly | ReelFlyRod.com
Beetle Foam Fly (Qty: 2)Hair Bass Bug Fly

Beetle Foam Fly, you can use this fly anytime during the season and have good chances of pulling fish up. Beetles are very common and fish are usually on the lookout for them.  Qty: 2

Hair Bass Bug Fly is a topwater presentation thats going to get the bass moving!  Spun deer hair gives a great bouyancy and a weed guard lets you get into the vegitation making a topwater fly thats truley hard to beat!



Sneaky Pete Popper Fly | ReelFlyRod.com Super Cicada Fly | ReelFlyRod
Sneaky Pete Popper FlySuper Cicada Fly (Qty: 2)

Sneaky Pete Popper Fly is an absolutely fatastic pattern for Bass in any area!  When Stripped through the water, The conical head gives a pop and a slight dip under the water before coming back to the surface. A deadly pattern in any type of water!

Fish during the brood periods with this pattern. The Super Cicada is extremely effective, especially early and late in the season. It gives a great profile and is easy to see from above because of the white wing.



Stimulator Dry Fly | ReelFlyRod.com Humpy Yellow Fly | ReelFlyRod
Stimulator Dry Fly (Qty: 2)Yellow Humpy Fly Qty:2

The Stimulator dry fly is a go-to attractor fly especially to use as a dry fly pattern when "prospecting" for trout when there is no hatch. Sold in quantities of 2.  Free shipping.

Another legendary fly for using during a stonefly hatch, indicator, or when the hoppers are being blown from the banks. A defnite dry fly to have with you during the summer months. QTY: 2 



Quick Sight Ant : Qty: 2 Royal Wulff | ReelFlyRod
Quick Sight Ant : Qty: 2Royal Wulff Fly

The Quick Sight Ant Dry Fly is a very simple foam ant pattern with a white head for easy visibility. A good foam ant fly pattern for any time of the year on any river where ants are in the water. Quantity of 2.

A legendary fly, absolutely. This a terrific pattern for the summer time or when the big stones are coming off the surface in the west. The Royal Wulff also works great as a indicator for finicky trout. Qty: 2



1 - 26 of 26 items