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Lamson Cobalt 6 Fly Reel
    Lamson Cobalt 6 Fly Reel
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      Lamson Cobalt 6 Fly Reel

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    The Waterworks-Lamson Cobalt 6 reel provides light saltwater anglers a piece of equipment developed specifically for them. Ideally sized and weighted for 6-7 weight rods fishing surf, docks and jetties. Fully sealed for heavy saltwater use and utilized a variation of Lamson’s conical drag that allows you to set your initial drag and still have a full range of settings available while hooked up. The Cobalt 6 Reel has all the advantages of a big, heavy duty salt worthy reel in a smaller package making it perfect for the lighter end of saltwater fishing.

    A bolt from the blue, Cobalt is a big game powerhouse of a reel packed with technical breakthroughs that are gamechangers on the flats and into the deep. Cobalt features a dual-axis machined frame that dramatically strengthens the side that bears the most load. The foot is embedded, rather than perched, atop the reel to effectively transmit force and distribute weight. The large arbor spool is also machined with many subtle asymmetries that bring perfect balance without a counterweight.

    Certified waterproof to 100 feet by an independent test laboratory, the Cobalt drag is an industry first. In and out of the water, it stands up to the harshest of elements. Custom formulated self-lubricating O-rings protect every point of ingress. A fixed spindle format ensures complete sealing. A supercharged version Lamson’s conical drag system rotates on high-precision ABEC 5 ceramic ball bearings—and uses a proprietary high-temperature graphite alloy to create 12+ pounds of line out torque.

    The power is in your hands with a “set drag” system of adjustment that allows you to set a preferred stripping pressure against a stop. Access the full range of torque in half-pound click stop increments through a single rotation of the drag knob, with increments etched into the knob for visual reference. A coating as hard as type III anodize but with 20 times the protection against a saltwater environment, Cobalt is endowed with a stunning, shielding Micralox finish—exclusive to Waterworks-Lamson in the fly-fishing world.


    • Conical drag system certified waterproof up to 100ft
    • ABEC 5 ceramic ball bearings for smooth conical drag
    • Adjustable initial drag pressure
    • Super large arbor
    • Machined 6061 aluminum, titanium, stainless steel construction
    • Micralox, Type III Anodization finish
    • Sealed carbon conical drag
    • Made in the US
    • Diameter: 3.79"
    • Width: 1.07"
    • Weight: 5.0oz
    • Capacity: WF6 175yds/20lb
    • Available in Original or Flash
    • *** Azure and Thermal Colors are a special order fly reel. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

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