Fishpond Jagged Basin Duffel | ReelFlyRod Fishpond Half Moon Weekender Bag | ReelFlyRod
Fishpond Jagged Basin DuffelFishpond Half Moon Weekender Bag

Fishpond Jagged Basin Duffel is a new design for the Fishpond Field series that incorporates a rugged waxed canvas duffel with a backpack function for easy travel. Free Shipping in the USA

Fishpond Half Moon Weekender Bag is the perfect travel companion. Plenty of storage for laptop, clothes, and other travel items. A complete multi-function design and use. Free Shipping in the USA.



Fishpond Boulder Briefcase | Fishpond Bighorn Kit Bag | ReelFlyRod
Fishpond Boulder BriefcaseFishpond BigHorn Kit Bag

Fishpond Boulder Briefcase may be the best travel or work briefcase designed for the fly angler in mind. The Boulder Briefcase will store a days worth of fly fishing gear or a labtop and office documents. Free Shipping in the U.S.

Fishpond BigHorn Kit Bag is great for the wilderness or as a Travel carry-on, this  innovative Bag is built to handle the rigors of both outdoor abuse and urban wear-and-tear.  Free Shipping in the USA



Fishpond Vaquero Waxed Canvas Vest | ReelFlyRod Fishpond River Bank Backpack
Fishpond Vaquero Waxed Canvas EarthFishpond River Bank Backpack

Fishpond Vaquero Waxed Canvas Vest, Earth features the waxed canvas material for a more durable and water repelling material. Add to this the lower horizontal pockets and you are ready for the river. Free Shipping in the USA

Fishpond River Bank Backpack is the ultra-durable waxed canvas backpack designed for the field, around town, or while traveling. Free Shipping in the USA 



Fishpond Lodgepole Fishing Satchel | Fishpond Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack- Earth
Fishpond Lodgepole Fishing SatchelFishpond Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack Earth

Fishpond lodgepole fishing satchel take an old school look with the waxed canvas fabric, but features many storage compartments and pockets to take on the water whenever you get the fishing itch. Free Shipping in the U.S.

Fishpond's Blue River Chest/Lumbar pack Earth is Simplicity redefined. The perfect alternative to a vest, this pack features a streamlined profile that can be worn as a Lumbar, Chest, or Sling Pack.  Free Shipping!