Air-Lock Strike Indicators Loon Strike Out
Air-Lock Strike IndicatorsLoon Strike Out

Tired of kinky leaders and difficult to adjust strike indicators? Air Lock indicators are the answer. Super easy to use and super easy to adjust depth. Durable as hell and easy to see on the water.

Synthetic glo-yarn strike indicator pre-treated with Hydrostop to keep them visible atop the water, floating forever. Free Shipping in the USA.



New Zealand Strike Indicator | Orvis Corqs Strike Indicators
New Zealand Strike IndicatorOrvis Corqs Strike Indicators

New Zealand Strike Indicator is one of the best indicator systems out there. This kit allows you to vary the size of your indicator to fool the spookiest of trout. Free Shipping

Orvis Corqs Strike Indicators Eco-friendly and straight-up darn effective. These strike indicators, constructed from natural cork are more buoyant than their synthetic counterparts.



Skip Turn-On Indicators Thingamabobber, Strike Indicators |
Skip Turn-On IndicatorsThingamabobber

Skip Turn-On Indicators, Reusable, again and again. Skip's turn on strike indicators can be attached or taken off the leader and easily moved up or down the leader without removal.

Thingamabobber adds a sweet widget for non-slip performance in any condition and even more versatility. The Thingamabobber is a fantastic strike indicator for nymphing.