Winston has been involved with BAMBOO since 1929, when Robert Winther and Lew Stoner began making innovative rods known for their craftsmanship and performance. Today, our commitment to this natural material remains steadfast. Each of these rods can take up to a year to build. Place one in your hand, and you will be holding over 85 years of cumulative knowledge and experience. Cast one, and you will experience a wonderful slow action, as well as superb line and loop control. Fish one, and you understand why anglers become devotees of our bamboo; the rods are highly accurate, feature incredible touch and feel, and can make extremely delicate presentations.

Winston Custom Bamboo Fly Rods |
Winston Bamboo Custom Fly Rods

Winston Bamboo Custom Fly Rods are the pinnacle of Winston Fly Rods. Designed since 1929, the Winston rod is custom built for each client from start to finish. Free Worldwide Shipping.