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Airflo Sniper 4 Season Sinking Fly Line
    Airflo Sniper 4 Season Sinking Fly Line
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    • SKU: Airflo-Sniper-4-Season-Sinking-Fly-Line
      Airflo Sniper 4 Season Sinking Fly Line

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    The Airflo Sniper 4 Season Sinking Fly Line is an aggressive, short head taper designed to load rods quickly, maximize power, and turn over big flies in the wind.  The Airflo Sniper has a Dual Head Design, which allows the line to perform as well for less experienced casters as it does for advanced casters. Newer anglers can load the rod like a cannon with only the front 15 feet of line outside the rod tip, while the expert caster will aerialize the entire head to achieve maximum distance. This sinking model of the Sniper 4 Season line is designed to get your fly down to the target zone quickly and stay there as long as you need. Fishing fast runs, deep holes or throwing to fish holding at depth in open water without a the ability to get your fly down to them makes for a really nice day casting a line but doesn't give you a story to bring back to the shop!


    Simply put, the Airflo Sniper provides any angler the ability to launch big, bulky flies in windy conditions. This line has an incredible suppleness and handling performance, even in the harshest of conditions. Airflo Sniper is built on Power Core Technology which improves casting control, sensitivity, and hook set.  Airflo's unique Ridge Technology reduces the lines surface area in contact with the rod guides, vastly reducing friction compared to other fly lines, allowing line to shoot further.  Consequently friction levels are vastly improved when compared to other lines on the market. Airflo's ridges are also incredibly tough for long term durability. Patented Microloops on each end facilitate quick leader and rigging changes, while smoothly passing through your guides without getting caught. Airflo Sniper is the perfect fly line for targeting bass, pike/musky, striper, bonefish, redfish, tarpon and any situation where bulky flies, windy conditions, and huge predators come together.



    • Short, aggressive head loads quickly and launches bulky flies like a cannon
    • Any angler can throw tight loops and big flies in the wind
    • Power Core Technology yields only 6% stretch, improving casting control, sensitivity, and hook set 
    • Ridge Technology significantly reduces friction with rod guides while casting
    • Polyfuse XT Dual-Layer System stays slick forever and resists UV deterioration over time
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