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Airflo Streamer Max Shovelhead Fly Line
    Airflo Streamer Max Shovelhead Fly Line
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    • SKU: airflo-streamer-max-shovel
      Airflo Streamer Max Shovelhead Fly Line

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    The new Shovelhead features an innovative double weight-forward design to help cast the burliest articulated flies while the fast-sink head gets you in the zone immediately.
    Built on ultra low stretch Power Core for powerful hook sets when fishing at depth with a 30' head for quick loading with large flies. Micro loops on both ends for easy connection to leader and backing. If your streamer isn't doing what it's supposed to within the first five feet of touchdown, you're not fishing at all!

    • Taper: Powerful, huge fly taper
    • Core: Power Core
    • Range: WF7/8 - WF8/9
    • Coating: Ridged
    • Polyleader: Trout
    • Temp. Range 23-75 Fahrenheit 
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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 4 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    NORMAN (WV) | December 2nd, 2022
    Verified Buyer
    Great line
    Andrew (Michigan) | June 2nd, 2022
    This line loads and casts great. It throws big streamers with ease and gets them down in the strike zone.
    Verified Buyer
    Gets down
    Matt (Dayton, O) | November 2nd, 2021
    I hate split shot, if you hate split shot use this line and get your fly down faster and easier with no/less weight.
    Verified Buyer
    Outlaw Trout Bum& FLY TIER
    STEVEN G. SCHWARZ ll (LELAND, MICHIGAN 49654) | November 29th, 2020
    It pays to pay attention to KELLY. If he says it works, IT DOES. PERIOD. His flies, and the kit he designs for fishing them is the most valuable beta you'll ever receive. It ups your game exponentially. The man is constantly thinking about HOW TO CATCH FISH MORE EFFECTIVELY. So, pay attention, Grasshopper. Thanks again, KELLY. The deer hair techniques you taught me 25 years ago have helped me and CLIENTELLE catch more & larger brown Trout , even @ high noon, than all the other dogma on this species combined. Never confuse simplicity with a lack of sophistication, right? Take the ZOO COUGAR asban example. Hook, thread, and Marabou, diamond braid, kip tail, mallard flank feather, & deer hair. 5 materials, and the most effective fly I know of is born. Even the leader is simple. 18" of stiff, 50 lb. Butt, & 18 to 24" of 10 or 12 lb P- line, or your favorite tippet material. A strong loop knot, THAT IS IT. Well, obviously the line is also a huge part of the equation, too. As if I need another sinking line, I have bout 30 now. What's one more, right... Actually, my lines are like a set of golf clubs. Highly specialized. This one, I have to have. Why? When u pound the bank like one should , the faster the fly gets down the Closer u can keep the fly in the zone & longer is more important than you think. Browns are like vampire. They don't like the sun. I could go on & on & perseverate, but I won't. I'm gonna wind this on my "SPEEDSTER", and hit the LAUNCH RIGHT UNDER THE PARKWAY. I have to say a bit about the lightest but most powerful rod I've found yet for this; the SAGE X 9' 8 WIEGHT. How they made this absolute cannon of an 8 feel and wiegh what a LIGHT 5 does is above my pay grade, but it is the best X - fast ZOO COUGAR RIG ROD IVE FOUND YET. And I have 25+ years worth of the fastest, most powerful rods made. Yeah, I'm single. U can't put a lamp shade on o fly rod like u can a S X S shotgun and sneak it in the cabin. That's my ticket to wealth and game. The get your latest fly rod past the wife and into the house covertly, or better yet in plain sight. YEP, THATS IT. NEVER HAVE TO WORK A DAY OF MY LIFE AGAIN. The "X" is green, so I'm thinking like military grade cloaking to make it appear to be a tall plant, or curtain rod... LELAND, OUT.

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