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G Loomis NRX Steelhead 1207-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 7wt 10'0"
    G Loomis NRX Steelhead 1207-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 7wt 10'0"
    Purchase G Loomis NRX Steelhead 1207-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 7wt 10'0"
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      G Loomis NRX Steelhead 1207-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 7wt 10'0"

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    G Loomis NRX Steelhead Fly Rod Outfits include the G Loomis NRX Steelhead Fly Rod, Ross Evolution LTX Fly Reel, premium Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Anadro Fly Line, Dacron backing, SA Tapered Leader, G Loomis aluminum rod tobe and rod sock. All G Loomis NRX Steelhead Fly Rod Outfits are shipped professionally loaded and ready to fish...just tie on a fly!

    The G Loomis NRX Steelhead fly rods deliver the ultimate feel and accuracy of any rod on the market. The Salmon and Steelhead line of NRX rods was specially designed around blanks using a longer length to help promote mending and line control, two of the most important aspects of landing these elusive fish on the fly. Everything that we've come to love about the NRX from power to presentation is present in these rods as well making them a great choice for anyone who plans on chasing anadromous fish this season. beats this rod at short to medium distances, which we fish most of the time. The NRX gives you the confidence to put the fly anywhere you want, and do it consistently. Forming tight loops that provide the ultimate in accuracy is effortless at any distance. The NRX Steelhead 7wt conveys the sense that you have the ability to steer the cast throughout the stroke. This is a very light rod in swing weight and it has a progressively softer tip than most other high-end rods, which gives the angler the utmost in feel as well as accuracy. This NRX Steelhead 7wt is a perfect all-purpose steelhead rod that roll casts, mends line, and controls line exceptionally well.

    The NRX Steelhead and Salmon rods are definitely one of Steve Rajeffs most impressive efforts as a rod designer. They are powerful throughout the casting stroke, with a progressive, fast-action leading to a softer tip that is the key to why these rods perform so well. The technology in the NRX Steelhead and Salmon rods will not only make you better caster, it will also make you a better angler. These rods track true for exceptional accuracy and control, are incredible light, and you won't find a tougher rod on the market thanks to advanced 3M nano resins. NRX Steelhead and Salmon rods are beautifully crafted, featuring select species cork and an attractive Evergreen finish with suble green wraps. If you are looking for the best performance steelhead/salmon rod on the market, look no further than the NRX.


    • Ultimate feel and accuracy of any small stream rod on the market
    • Beautiful Evergreen finish with subtle green wraps and silver trim
    • Premium ultra-light dark nickel/titanium single foot snake guide
    • Durable Rec stripping guides
    • Custom anodized aluminum, single uplocking reel seat
    • Premium aluminum rod tube to protect your investment
    • Backed by the Loomis Lifetime Warranty


    The Ross Evolution LTX is the next generation in premium, high-end reels. The award-winning Evolution LTX is an engineering marvel, with a drag system 4x as strong as its predecessor, in a beautifully crafted, lightweight package to perfectly balance fly rods weighing mere ounces.


    The new, ultra-smooth drag system retains the sound and feel that made the Evolution an icon, but now incorporates a stacked disc drag system based on the Evolution R saltwater reels, resulting in a powerhouse drag system that would be overkill if it wasn’t so lightweight. This allows it to perform not only as a perfect trout reel, but also has the power to take on saltwater game fish like Redfish, Bonefish, and Snook.


    The Evolution LTX drag system is built on an oil-impregnated bronze brushing, rotating on a stainless steel spindle post. Ross Evolution LTX reels are CNC machined to exacting tolerances in Montrose, CO from proprietary aircraft grade T-6061 barstock aluminum. These gorgeous reels are then hard anodized for the perfect balance of durability and color. The large arbor spool includes an innovative line channel for cleanly hiding arbor knots when winding on backing. The Ross Reels signature bell-shaped arbor design also adds strength, while helping to self-level the fly line across the face of the spool as it is retrieved.


    The LTX also incorporates a handle machined from canvas phenolic rod, another Ross Reels innovation, which reduces weight, adds durability, and increases grip when wet. These meticulously designed features of the LTX converge in a light weight package, redefining the trout reel for another generation.


    • Ultra-lightweight to balance modern premium rods
    • Gorgeous, innovative, lightweight engineering
    • CNC machined to exacting tolerances from aircraft aluminum in Montrose, CO
    • Ultra-smooth, stacked disc drag system based on Evolution R saltwater drag system
    • Drag system is 4x times as powerful as previous Evolution reels
    • Large Arbor design self levels fly line and incorporates line channel to hide knots
    • Machined canvas phenolic handle reduces weight, increases durability and grip when wet
    • Hard anodized for beautiful color and durability
    • Backed by the Ross Reels Lifetime Warranty


    The new Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Fly Lines are, simply put, the highest-performance smooth fly lines in the world. With up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional lines, this will change the way you look at fly line performance.

    If you’re anything like us, the allure of big fish and big rivers is intoxicating. That’s precisely why we created the Amplitude Smooth Anadro/Nymph. Designed with line control in mind, its extended rear taper allows you to cast a mile, mend with authority, and turn over nearly any rig imaginable—from dredging double nymphs to larger dry-dropper concoctions. Steelhead, salmon, and trout won’t know what hit them.


    • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
    • Long rear taper for extended line control and long-distance casting; the best nymphing taper we offer
    • An unbelievable indicator line for nymphing up trout and bass or swinging flies for steelhead and salmon; excellent for double-nymph rigs or hopper-droppers
    • Overweighted by 1.5 sizes to assist in turning over heavy rigs; use designated line weight for your rod
    • Use one size heavy for switch rods
    • For use in moderate and cold climates
    • Braided multifilament core


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