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Hatch Finatic 2 Plus Gen 2 Fly Reel
    Hatch Finatic 2 Plus Gen 2 Fly Reel
    Purchase Hatch Finatic 2 Plus Gen 2 Fly Reel
    • SKU: Hatch-Finatic-2-Plus-Reel
      Hatch Finatic 2 Plus Gen 2 Fly Reel

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    The Hatch Finatic 2 Plus Gen 2 Fly Reel was crafted to balance the ultralight rods that are spilling out from rod manufacturers today. Full machining from top to bottom and a smooth drag that can handle the monster trout your 2 weight wasn't expecting. The Finatic 2 Plus Gen 2 is a masterpiece of USA fully machined craftsmanship, right down to the reel seat and perfectly suited for 2-4 weight rods. The Gen 2 series features a new drag system seal along with stainless-steel drag housing for a more enhanced usage. All Hatch fly reels feature a fully sealed drag cassette containing a stacked Rulon multi-disc drag system that allows maximum braking pressure and faster heat dispersion. This innovated type of design is created to eliminate start up inertia when the fish is hooked and reduce stick slip problems while you are battling the fish on the reel. Each Hatch fly reel comes with its own hook guard on the frame, a precise counterbalance on the spool, and a positive frame to spool connection for a bomb-proof fit. Small water perfection.

    The 2 Plus is rated for 2 through 4 weight lines, weighs only 3.2 oz., and measures 3" in diameter. Match up with your favorite lightweight fly rod and you are ready to fish any small stream, lake, or favorite dry fly stretch of water. Fully CNC machined in Vista, CA with a proprietary Rulon/Stainless Steel stacked disk drag, the 2 Plus is available in 6 color options and large arbor spool.


    • New Mist Finish is a beautiful matte, non-glare finish that is smoother, stealthier, and looks awesome.
    • New cranks and counterbalance in the Gen 2 Finatic incorporates an Ultraflon sleeve that covers the aluminum shaft and separates it from the aluminum crank handle. This eliminates the chance for Galvanic corrosion and ensures a smooth crank.
    • New frame features a concave surface inside of the frame and move from 7 windows in the Gen 1 to 9 windows in the Gen 2. By adding two extra arms it eliminates unnecessary weight making the reel lighter without sacrificing strength.
    • New lip seals and sealed bearings completely seal this drag system against the elements for flawless performance in the harshest conditions.
    • Machined reel seat means that there is no second piece seating the reel to the rod. No more rotting screws or rattle between the foot and the rest of the frame.
    • Hook guards on every reel keep those hooks away from hands and tucked into the arbor of the reel.
    • Multi-disc drag comprised of Rulon and precision stamped stainless steel discs apples breaking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces and is now found on all models.


    • Body style: Finatic Gen 2
    • Protection: Type 2 Anodize
    • Line weights: 2-4
    • Hook guard on frame
    • Fully sealed Rulon multi-disc drag cassette
    • Positive "Power Flower" frame connection for bomb-proof fit
    • Fully machined frame, spool, and reel seat
    • Precise counterbalance on spool
    • Diameter: 3"
    • Width: .875"
    • Weight: 3.2oz
    • Spools: Available in large arbor only
    • Hatch premium backing highly recommended (gel spun strength and diameter with the touch and feel of dacron)

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    Hatch 2+
    Perfect small rod pairing (IL) | May 27th, 2020
    Perfect pairing for small stream rods. I have 2 of these, one on a 2wt dart and one on a 0Wt TXL-F.

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