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Lamson Remix HD -7+ Fly Reel 3-Pack
    Lamson Remix HD -7+ Fly Reel 3-Pack
    Purchase Lamson Remix HD -7+ Fly Reel 3-Pack
      Lamson Remix HD -7+ Fly Reel 3-Pack

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    The versatility of a 6, 7, or 8 weight rod is tremendous. Fishing big rivers for trout, throwing big streamers to bass, fighting steelhead up north and chasing bones on the flats can all be done with these rods. With the Waterworks-Lamson Remix -7+ HD Reel 3-pack you can rig up multiple lines types and weights and have everything ready to go.

    A Waterworks-Lamson Remix -7+ HD Reel is at its best when locking horns with a big bass or steelhead. The superior CNC machined drag system and reel frame are the standout features of the Remix -7+ HD and provide all the quality and power you must have when targeting these bigger species. By creating a fully caged frame for the Remix -7+ HD reel, Lamson offers the added stability and line security you need when fighting big fish that take off in a hurry. That said, the budget conscious will be thrilled to know that the fully machined price tag doesn’t come along with the Remix. By utilizing a cast aluminum spool to offset the typically high price that comes with fully machined reels, you get quality where it counts and save your hard earned cash at the same time.

    A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is a hybrid. The case, CNC-machined here in the U.S. from 6061 bar-stock aluminum, delivers maximum structural rigidity and durability wrapped in a harder, brighter finish. The spool is pressure cast to ensure a snug connection while keeping the cost down. All critical drag components are CNC-machined in the U.S. and like Liquid, the Remix reels are assembled in Boise, Idaho.

    Lamson Liquid and Remix Spools are interchangeable, allowing anglers a great price on a spool whether you have purchased a Lamson Liquid or a Lamson Remix Fly Reel.

    Lamson Liquid Series and Remix Series Fly Reel Color Sleeve: Liquid and Remix reels ship with the standard black anodized cassette. Three color sleeves are offered as an option for consumers to customize their reel. This anodized aluminum sleeve fits over the standard cassette. Colors include: Burnt Orange, Coral Blue, and Salsa Green and retail for $9.95.


    • Large arbor design
    • Fully caged frame for stability and to prevent line jumps
    • CNC machined 6061 Aluminum frame
    • Pressure cast aluminum spool
    • US made sealed conical drag
    • Optionally customizable with colored sleeves
    • Assembled in the US
    • Compatible spools between Liquid and Remix reels
    • Diameter: 3.85”
    • Width: 1.14”
    • Weight: 5.49oz
    • Capacity: WF8 200yds/20lb
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