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NEW! Bauer RVR 6/7 Fly Reels
    NEW! Bauer RVR 6/7 Fly Reels
    Purchase NEW! Bauer RVR 6/7 Fly Reels
    • SKU: RVR G 67
      NEW! Bauer RVR 6/7 Fly Reels

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    The Bauer RVR Fly Reel fishes as stellar as it looks, and looks stellar as it fishes. New for the season, Bauer introduces the high performance RVR high performance fly reel. In development for two years, Bauer started with a groundbreaking and beautifully modern design and quickly found out how challenging it was to machine a reel this complex. No one had never seen anything like it. The complexity and double anodized design of the RVR would prove too difficult to achieve on a conventional 3-Axis machine, so Bauer sought out the newest 5-Axis machines available. Bauer with the RVR series continues the long tradition of design evolution, precision engineering, and unmatched performance of fly reel when compared to others on the market. Bauer, smoothest reels in the world!

    A larger reel for the heavier line weights used when targeting trophy fish with large, wind-resistant or heavy flies. The increased backing capacity is more than sufficient to handle even the longest running trout. Intended applications are streamer fishing with floating or sink-tip lines, stillwater angling with floating, intermediate and full-sinking lines, as well as handling the aggressively-tapered lines needed to turn over large dry flies, poppers, articulated streamers, and double nymph rigs.


    Diameter: 3.94"
    Weight: 5.5oz
    Line Wt: 6/7
    Capacity: WF7+ (100yards of 20lb)

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