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NEW! Echo Lago 5100-4 Fly Rod Outfit: 5wt, 10'0"
    NEW! Echo Lago 5100-4 Fly Rod Outfit: 5wt, 10'0"
    Purchase NEW! Echo Lago 5100-4 Fly Rod Outfit: 5wt, 10'0"
      NEW! Echo Lago 5100-4 Fly Rod Outfit: 5wt, 10'0"

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    NEW! ECHO LAGO 5100-4 FLY ROD OUTFIT : 5WT, 10'0"

    The NEW Echo Lago fly rod has been designed forlakes when fishing from a float tube or a boat brings all sorts of difficulties.  If you've fished a lake, you know the issues of fishing from a float tube or small pontoon.  Long distance accurate casts are difficult and generating enough power to avoid line slap or tailing loops is nearly impossible.  Echo recognized those issues and developed the Echo Lago as the solution. 

    The Echo Lago has a unique action and power blend matched with a 10' length that helps avoid hitting the water behind you as well as those dreaded tailing loops.  Although the Lago was designed as a lake rod, it also doubles up well as a summer steelhead or large trout nymphing rod.  It can even be used when fishing for bass!  With three sizes, a 5, 6, and 7wt you have access to rods that will help you no matter the size of fish you chase.  The 10' length flawlessly handles any stillwater line you throw on it wheather its a full float or a heavy sink line.  Each rod features a semi-gloss cobalt blue finish, rod sock, and a hard case.  Elimiate the variables with the Echo Lago Fly Rod!

    • Four piece travel design
    • Action: Med Fast
    • Tube: Includes rod case & sock
    • Guides: Lightweight ceramic stripping guides
    • Echo Lifetime Warranty


    The Waterworks-Lamson Remix -5+ is quite possibly the best value for a trout and bass angler on the market. Pair it with an entry level or mid-price rod and you have a great set up without breaking the bank, but the Remix -5+ is also a phenomenal option if you need to work a budget and still want to get that Radian, H3 or X rod on the water. The fully machined, US made frame offers the quality of much more expensive reels but by pairing it with a cast aluminum spool it comes in at a price significantly lower than most fully machined reels equipped with a drag system.


    The Airflo SuperFlo Stillwater Fly Line is designed for optimum performance when distance and delicacy are key. The Stillwater line is the ultimate taper for presenting a wide variety of flies. The hi-vis colour scheme makes it perfect for subtle nymphing techniques where spotting the slightest grab is essential to success. The Stillwater Line is also available in lichen green color option for stealth presentation among the weed beds.

    Airflo is the only company that extrudes Polyurethane as a super tough coating on our fly line. With the inclusion of the new “FLO” technology, they are able to produce a line that has running lines slimmer in diameter than previous technologies, without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. The end result is a fly line that is supercharged throughout the entire line. Helping it glide through the guides with minimal friction. SuperFlo lines have all the handling attributes and durability of the best fly line in the world!
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