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Orvis Clearwater 126-4 Spey Fly Rod Outfit : 12'0" 6wt
    Orvis Clearwater 126-4 Spey Fly Rod Outfit : 12'0" 6wt
    Purchase Orvis Clearwater 126-4 Spey Fly Rod Outfit : 12'0" 6wt
    • SKU: 2S769351
      Orvis Clearwater 126-4 Spey Fly Rod Outfit : 12'0" 6wt

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    The Orvis Clearwater 126-4 Spey Fly Rod Outfit features the new Orvis Clearwater 12'0" 6wt Spey Fly Rod, Orvis Battenkill IV Fly Reel, Orvis Hydros Spey floating fly line, Clearwater cordura rod tube, Orvis braided dacron backing, and Orvis tapered leader, all shipped professionally rigged and ready to fish...just tie on a fly!

    The New Orvis Clearwater 126-4 Switch Fly Rod is perfect for swinging large indicator rigs, throwing big streamers, covering big water, and is equally at home in fresh or saltwater. The Clearwater 8wt Switch performs beautifully for salmon, large steelhead, largemouth bass, and general saltwater species. With this versatile rod, you can adapt to any fishing situation, cover big water with ease, switch between overhead and two-handed casting techniques, and do it all with amazing efficiency. The Clearwater 118-4 is the perfect introduction to learn two-handed casting and performs equally well using a variety of casting styles.

    The new Clearwater Rod Series is not just a cosmetic facelift, but a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers. Everything has changed except the value. It's still the best fly rod you can buy for the money, but with a significant upgrade in performance and looks in a comprehensive series that covers every angler from small stream addicts to Skagit slinging two-handers. Each rod was designed with a purpose-built profile and action to handle the kind of fishing the rod model would be traditionally used for, from medium-action small stream rods to medium-fast freshwater rods and fast-action big game rods.


      • 12'0" 6-weight offers the ultimate versatility in fresh and saltwater
      • Blanks are black chrome with white accents
      • Quick rod identifier on the blank
      • Chrome snake and stripping guide with a ceramic insert
      • Full black nickel aluminum reel seats
      • Lower spey handle fighting butt with composite ends for durability
      • Two-handed rods have composite on the tip of the foregrip
      • Includes Orvis Clearwater divided cordura rod tube
      • Backed by the Orvis 25-Year Guarantee
      • Each rod taper designed in Vermont



      The Orvis Battenkill IV Fly Reel is purposely thought out for the spey and switch angler. These highly durable and classic click and pawl fly reels will give you the most enjoyment while swinging for steelhead or salmon. The Orvis Battenkill IV Fly Reel is for 9-11wt fly rods, or if you are using any switch or spey rod from a 8wt up to 10wt this is the perfect size for you. The Orvis Battenkill Fly Reel has been in the fly fishing industry for generations. Orvis has updated the new Battenkill to feature a new 4 position internal click and pawl drag system and increased the spool size. Simple design and flawless construction make this the perfect click-and-pawl fly reel for nearly any freshwater fishing situation. A minimalist's dream, the all-new Battenkill features a classically styled, yet technically enhanced, four-position click-and-pawl drag system that is adjusted internally and is designed to work in tandem with the palm of your hand on those sizzling, screaming runs.


      Constructed with a narrow spool for less line stacking on retrieve and a larger spool diameter for higher line retrieval rates. The ultra-lightweight fly reel design balances perfectly on shorter rods. Machined from heavy-duty bar-stock aluminum for added durability. Easily adjustable left- or right-hand retrieve. Highlighted by laser-engraved logos and a cool black nickel color.



      • 4 Position Internal Click and Pawl Drag System
      • Larger Spool Diameter
      • Constructed of Machined Bar-Stock Aluminum
      • Battenkill V for line weights 7-9, 5.9 oz., 3 3/4" diameter


      This all-around line is a perfect match for the Clearwater Spey rods. The Hydros Spey System includes a Skagit-style shooting head with an independent running line. Loop on a poly leader and you are ready to chase your quarry of choice in pretty much any condition.


      1. Orvis Line ID — Quickly and easily identify your line, no more guessing. All of our lines will be printed with the taper, weight, and functionality.
      2. IS (Integrated Slickness) additive is integrated throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for maximum distance, performance and durability.
      3. Front and rear loop — Welded loops on both the front and back of the line ensure fast, easy rigging.
      • 5 weight= 390 grain, 
      • 6 weight= 420 grain, 
      • 7 weight=465 grain, 
      • 8 weight= 525 grain, 
      • 9 weight= 625 grain. 
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