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Orvis Helios 3D 912-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 9'0" 12wt
    Orvis Helios 3D 912-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 9'0" 12wt
    Purchase Orvis Helios 3D 912-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 9'0" 12wt
    • SKU: 2M5G9357
      Orvis Helios 3D 912-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 9'0" 12wt

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    • $1,927.00

    ORVIS HELIOS 3D 912-4 FLY ROD OUTFIT : 9'0", 12WT

    Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rod Outfits include the award-winning Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rod, newly redesigned Orvis Mirage Fly Reel, premium Orvis Hydros Tarpon floating fly line, Dacron backing, Orvis Tapered Leader, Orvis Helios 3 premium aluminum rod tube and rod sock. All Helios 3 Fly Rod Outfits are shipped professionally loaded and ready to fish...just tie on a fly!

    The Orvis Helios 3D 912-4 fly rod is the most accurate and powerful 12wt rod ever made and is perfect for targeting big, cruising tarpon. This versatile 12wt is not just the ultimate rod for tarpon, it excels wherever big flies, windy conditions, and huge predators come together. The Helios 3D 12wt is a smooth, accurate rocket that will deliver your fly exactly where you want it. The Helios 3D 12wt rod is designed for exceptional accuracy and smooth power, while being incredibly light so you will not fatigue while casting. If you are targeting big tarpon, you have found the most amazing tarpon rod on the market.

    Orvis Helios 3D fly rods were designed to significantly reduce the variables at the point of release, focusing the energy of the cast to the intended target. No matter what happens behind you, the energy of the forward cast is crisply released through a tight window created by a very significant reduction in horizontal and vertical tip frequency. This Helios 3D 12wt autocorrects for all variables in the cast, so all energy is focused on the release to the target with incomparable precision. In other words, the Helios 3D fly rod makes any angler a better caster, which leads to more enjoyment on the water, and most important, more hookups!


    • Matte Midnight blank
    • Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum
    • Midnight black w/Matte Midnight carbon insert
    • Blue accent wrap
    • Black/black main wraps
    • REC recoil snake guides
    • SiC/titanium stripping guides
    • Aluminum rod tube made in USA
    • Backed by the Orvis 25-Year Guarantee


    The Orvis Mirage Fly Reel is a perfect choice to put the brakes on the biggest saltwater species. Orvis Mirage is an ultra-durable reel with a powerful fish stopping drag system. A technologically superior reel conceived and designed from the ground up and built in New England by American craftsmen to battle angry fish and laugh in the face of corrosive saltwater environments. The new Mirage features a sealed and maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel disc drag system with an aggressive knurled drag knob that goes from zero to full drag in a single drag knob rotation. Patent-pending ball and ramp drag mechanism provides a smooth turning drag that follows a non-linear curve as the drag knob is turned to give smoother adjustments in the fishing and fish-fighting range. 

    The Orvis Mirage reel is a super large arbor for increased retrieve rates and reduction in line coil. Machined in the USA from strong, yet lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum barstock. Other kiler features include an ergonomically designed, machined aluminum handle, quick release spool, easy conversion from left to right-hand retrieve, and military-spec type III hard coat anodizing. A titanium shaft adds strength without additional weight, a fully radiused reel foot prevents kinked leaders, while a low-profile counterweight won't catch fingers or fly lines. The new Mirage reel is absolutely beautiful, indestructable, and the very best reel Orvis has ever made.


    • Sealed, Maintenance-Free Disc Drag
    • 6061 T6 Aluminum Barstock
    • Quick Release Spool
    • Type III anodizing for scratch resistance
    • Full Radius reel foot prevent kinked leaders
    • Proudly made in the USA


    The Orvis Hydros Tarpon Fly Line is the perfect choice to cover a wide variety of saltwater situations and species. As the name implies, Orvis Hydros Tarpon excels launching big tarpon flies in the wind to crusing tarpon. The Tarpon line is also ideal for quick second shots and loads the Helios 3 rod quickly. This line is built for a wide rage of temperatures and environments so it will not wilt in the heat or become too stiff in cold water. The Tarpon line throws big flies and tight loops in windy conditions. This line excels equally at long distance casting and quick shots to cruising fish. The Hydros Tarpon is a great choice for tarpon, giant trevally, roosterfish, golden dorado, and peackock bass.  


    • Heavily weighted aggressive front taper turns over big flies in the wind
    • Designed for use in temperate and tropical climates
    • Two tone for better visibility
    • Integrated Slickness Technology for maximum distance, performance, and durability
    • Orvis Line ID to quickly and easily identify your line 
    • Welded loops on both the front and back of the line ensure fast, easy rigging
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