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Patagonia Winter Weight Fleece Oversocks
    Patagonia Winter Weight Fleece Oversocks
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    • SKU: 2020-Patagonia-Winter-Weight-Fleece-Oversocks
      Patagonia Winter Weight Fleece Oversocks

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    Made from thick, double-faced fleece, these fishing socks are built to keep your feet warm in the coldest winter conditions! The thick Polartec fleece will keep your feet warm and creates dead-air space necessary for insulation in frigid water, ensuring that you can stay out there and reap the rewards of your cold-weather pursuits.


    Ultra-warm layering socks for frigid winter fishing trips
    Double-faced Polartec fleece adds necessary insulation in cold water
    Designed to be worn over your regular socks when you wader up
    Polartec® Fleece
    Cold-Weather Insulation
    Weight: 142 g (5 oz)
    Materials: 18-oz Polartec® 86% polyester (80% recycled)/14% spandex double-faced fleece

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