NEW! Winston Alpha+ 790-4 Fly Rod : 7wt 9'0

SKU: ALPH0709004W
NEW! Winston Alpha+ 790-4 Fly Rod : 7wt 9'0"


NEW! WINSTON ALPHA+ 790-4 FLY ROD : 7WT, 9'0" 

The New Winston Alpha+ Fly Rods are vastly different than your typical Winston fly rod. The Winston Alpha+ is the fastest, stiffest, most powerful rod Winston has ever designed. The Alpha+ is specifically made to fight the biggest fish in your waters. Think big flies, windy conditions, large predators, and powerful long casts in any condtions. Alpha+ series rods range from a powerful 5wt for larger trout up to a 12wt to battle larger Tarpon, Giant Trevally, Roosterfish, Mahi-Mahi, Peacock Bass, and Golden Dorado. The Winston Alpha+ rods feature a wicked fast-action taper for aggressive rigs, including big flies, heavy lines, shooting heads, and sinking tips. The Winston Alpha+ will pick up the entire fly line with one back cast and make quick one shot placements precisely where intended.

The Winston Alpha+ 7wt 9'0" is an ultra powerful all-around freshwater streamer and light saltwater flats rod. From casting crazy charlies from the flats skiff to cruising bonefish to chucking large articulated streamers from the drift boat, the Winston Alpha+ 7wt excels like no other rod with amazing power, accuracy, with a sensitive tip for improved line feel. To maximize the performance of the Winston Alpha+ 790-4, we recommend an aggressively tapered, overweighted line like the Scientific Angler Titan Series, RIO Outbound Short Series, or Airflo Forty Plus fly lines. 

Winston Alpha+ Fly Rods have a designated grain window for each model to help anglers sort through the wide offering of overweighted lines available on the market today. Simply match the fly line grain weight range to the appropriate Alpha+ rod model to suit your needs and fishing style. Winston Alpha+ Fly Rods have extra reinforcement throughout the blank for the ultimate lifting power, the ability to turn fish from cover, and support effortless all-day casting with big flies and heavy fly lines.


  • Weight: 7wt 9'0"
  • Fly Line Grain Weight: 240-290gr
  • Action: Ultra-fast
  • Sections: 4
  • Guides: Hard chrome over-sized snake ‘shooting guides’ with chrome nano lite stripping guided and over sized tiptop.
  • Reel Seat: Up locking, anodized aluminum with double locking rings. Engraved with company signature logo.
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock
  • Highest performance boron/graphite composite materials
  • Exceptionally powerful, capable of generating high line speeds
  • Designed to cast big flies, over-sized lines, shooting heads and sinking tips
  • Extra reinforced ferrules for ultimate lifting power
  • Designated grain windows for each rod model
  • Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT