Orvis Hydros Tarpon Fly Line

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Orvis Hydros Tarpon Fly Line

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The Orvis Hydros Tarpon Fly Line is the perfect choice to cover a wide variety of saltwater situations and species. As the name implies, Orvis Hydros Tarpon excels launching big tarpon flies in the wind to crusing tarpon. The Tarpon line is also ideal for quick second shots and loads fast action rods quickly. This line is built for a wide rage of temperatures and environments so it will not wilt in the heat or become too stiff in cold water. The Tarpon line throws big flies and tight loops in windy conditions. This line excels equally at long distance casting and quick shots to cruising fish. The Hydros Tarpon is a great choice for tarpon, giant trevally, roosterfish, golden dorado, and peackock bass.  


  • Heavily weighted aggressive front taper turns over big flies in the wind
  • Designed for use in temperate and tropical climates
  • Two tone for better visibility
  • Integrated Slickness Technology for maximum distance, performance, and durability
  • Orvis Line ID to quickly and easily identify your line 
  • Welded loops on both the front and back of the line ensure fast, easy rigging

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