RIO Scandi VersiTip Fly Line

SKU: RIO-Scandi-VersiTip-Line
RIO Scandi VersiTip Fly Line



Scandi style head complete with a selection of interchangeable tips

  • Easy casting body, complete with four tips.
  • Printed ID system on the rear of the head for quick recognition
  • Welded loops on all ends.

The Scandi VersiTip has a floating Scandi Body and 4, 15 ft long interchangeable tips, and is the best choice for when using Spey rods of 13 ft and longer. The included tips in each package are: floating, intermediate, type 3 and type 6 DC sink


  • XS Technology coating
  • Density Compensation
  • Easy casting, deep loading design for effortless casts
  • Long front tapers that form tight loops and give great presentation
  • Ready-to-go package with a variety of tips for changing conditions
  • Easy ID logos on rear loops
  • Front and back welded loops

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