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RIO Bonefish WF9F Fly Line
    RIO Bonefish WF9F Fly Line
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      RIO Bonefish WF9F Fly Line

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    RIO Bonefish Fly Line

    Finally, the Perfect Bonefish Fly Line. RIO's New Bonefish Fly Line features a unique taper design that allows a rod to load at close range, a medium-length front taper for great turnover and a long back taper to smooth out the casting loop and keep the line stable on Long shots. A Hard, Saltwater coating over a medium stiff Core results in a fly Line that will not wilt in most Tropical conditions, while RIO's XS technology keeps the line slick for fast, Long casts.

    RIO Bonefish also features an AgentX under coat that produces a line that floats higher than competitors Lines, is easier to pick up off the water, and unlike competing products the running Line will not Sink and tangle while Wading. The Head is incredibly easy to see in all light conditions, while the contrasting color of the running Line makes it easy to find the line's perfect loading point. Includes a welded loop at both ends for easy rigging.


    • Loads Rods at close range and stays stable for Long casts
    • tropical core with a Hard, Saltwater coating
    • AgentX and XS Technologies for the ultimate in performance
    • Welded loops on both ends for Fast rigging
    • WF6F to WF9F
    • Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)
    • Color: Sand Head with Blue running Line

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