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SA Sinking Tip Fly Lines

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Scientific Anglers Sinking Tip Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers Sink Tip fly lines continue to stay a step ahead of the competition with innovative technologies and cutting edge design. SA Floating Fly Lines float higher, shoot farther, and last longer than other fly line brands. Scientific Anglers Sink Tip Fly Lines also repel dirt and are self-lubricating, so they always cast like brand new. The new SA Amplitude Fly Lines are the most advanced, slickest, best casting lines ever produced. Check out the SA Sonar Fly Lines for maximize casting performance.

ReelFlyRod is the #1 SA Fly Line Dealer in the USA, so we have the fly line you are looking for in stock. Whether you are fishing freshwater, saltwater, or two-handed spey, SA has the perfect sinking tip fly line for every rod and any situation. If you need expert advice, technical information, or have any questions about any of our SA Fly Lines for sale, please contact our Pro Staff by phone or email. We are here to help you find the perfect fly line to suit your needs!