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Schultzys Single Fly Cray
    Schultzys Single Fly Cray
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      Schultzys Single Fly Cray

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    Schultzys Single Fly Cray

    Developed in 2012 for the Huron River Watershed Council's "Single Fly" Fundraiser, the Single Fly Cray made a good first impression and won the tournament. A staple crayfish pattern for the smallmouth bass streams of southeastern Michigan, this molted crayfish fly is tied with rabbit for plenty of motion without movement. It fishes clouser-style with the hook riding up to skirt through even the most challenging river bottom structure. A solid choice anywhere crayfish are present; trout, carp, bass and even pike have also succumbed to the Single Fly Cray. 
    Size 1. Length 4".

    Our friend, Mike Schultz - known as "Schultzy" to many - is the owner of Schultz Outfitters Fly Shop and Guide Service in Michigan. He logs more than 200 days on the water each year, and finds any free time quickly consumed by fly tying and more fishing. Most of his guiding takes place on his home waters of southeastern Michigan; he is widely considered a warm water specialist.


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    • Color: Olive, Rust

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