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Scott Flex 908/4 Fly Rod Outfit : 8wt 9'0"
    Scott Flex 908/4 Fly Rod Outfit : 8wt 9'0"
    Purchase Scott Flex 908/4 Fly Rod Outfit : 8wt 9'0"
    • SKU: RFR-FLXO-890
      Scott Flex 908/4 Fly Rod Outfit : 8wt 9'0"

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    • $880.00

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    SCOTT FLEX 908/4 FLY ROD OUTFIT : 9'0" 8WT

    Scott Flex Fly Rod Outfits include the Scott Flex Fly Rod, Ross Animas Fly Reel, Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX floating fly line, Dacron backing, tapered leader, and Scott cordura rod tube. All Scott Flex Fly Rod Outfits are shipped professionally loaded and ready to fish...just tie on a fly!

    Scott Flex fly rods were designed by taking the best qualities of the Meridian and Radian rods, combining them together, and at a much lower price. Scott Flex rods are the lightest, easiest to cast, highest performing rods in this price range. This Scott Flex 9'0" 8wt is the perfect choice as a versatile rod for saltwater bonefish, fishing the backcountry for redfish and makes an ideal largemouth bass rod. Fishing big streamers for huge browns? Swinging big water for steelhead? Targeting spawning salmon? This 8wt will do it all and will be the anchor in your fly rod arsenal. 

    The Scott Flex rod is so light in the hand and casts almost effortlessly. Flex rods have a medium-fast action that is a pleasure to cast. It is the perfect balance between easy casting ‰۷forgiveness‰۪ and a fast recovery to throw tight loops with ease. The powerful butt section provides quick, positive hook sets and helps you control the fish, rather than the other way around. The Scott Flex rod is one of the best performance values in fly fishing, and one of the most enjoyable rods you will ever fish!


    • X-Core Technology combines advanced composite technology with cutting edge design for enhanced line feel and better stability
    • Multi-Modulus design for fine-tuned flex, recovery, and power
    • Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC) reduces torque and increases strength
    • Scott's trademark unfinished rod blank preserves natual responsiveness and performance
    • Each rod is hand crafted from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado
    • Backed by the Scott Lifetime Warranty


    The new Ross Animas Fly Reel takes the time-proven features that made the original Animas a guide favorite, while incorporating machining features that bring it into the modern era of Ross. A fully-redesigned frame and spool are highlights of the new Animas. The spool shows off the cutting-edge manufacturing techniques Ross Reels has developed, delivering a design that is incredibly strong and visually stunning. You will not find a more beautiful, powerful, durable, or functional fly reel in the sub $300 price range. 

    The Animas also joins the family by incorporating an ultra-light canvas phenolic handle which gets tackier when wet. A new trouble-free spool release yields zero-maintenance performance, allowing the Animas to be ready for any fresh or saltwater excursion. The frame is accented by a machined silhouette of the Colorado mountains in Ross Reels’ backyard. Its uniquely ported design and structural profile are eye-catching industry firsts. The two-tone drag knob sports an updated aesthetic with a lower profile and increased grip. An improved composite drag system delivers more power in an established Ross design loved by more than 80,000 fly anglers the world over. 


    • Fully redesigned frame and spool geometry with a bell shaped arbor, large arbor design, and intricately machined details
    • Precision CNC machined from aerospace grade T6061 bar stock aluminum
    • Ultralight weight with increased strength 
    • Machined canvas phenolic handle is incredibly durable and increases grip when wet 
    • Beautiful, two-tone aluminum accents
    • Powerful, improved composite disc drag system with stainless steel components
    • Maintenance free, completely sealed, self lubricating drag system
    • Innovative, modern style combined with a time-proven design
    • Backed by the Ross Reels Lifetime Warranty



    Scientific Angler Mastery MPX Fly Lines is the best all-around fly line that SA has ever made. Mastery MPX will handle everything from tossing small dries to slinging huge streamers. Built a half-size heavy, the MPX taper is designed with more mass toward the front of the head with an added emphasis on presentation. The Mastery MPX is a powerful line that loads rods quickly, yet with a bit of finesse added in. 

    These lines are proven performers and feature the AST Plus Slickness Technology to effortlessly shoot line further. AST Plus also makes Mastery MPX the most durable line, maintaining its slick properties 8 times longer than other fly lines. Mastery MPX throws bullet loops, increases casting distance, and will make any angler a better caster. Master MPX also excels at line control, roll casting with ease, and mends line effortlessly for perfect, drag free drifts. This premium SA Mastery MPX line will do it all extremely well and is the go-to all-purpose freshwater fly line.


    • The ultimate general presentation taper for all situations
    • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
    • Built a half-size heavy to load rods and turn over large flies easily
    • Braided multifilament core
    • Extended rear taper for line control and mending ability
    • Welded front and back loops for quick, easy rigging changes
    • For use in moderate and cold climates
    • Braided multifilament core
    • Color: Buckskin/Optic Green

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