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TFO BVK 3wt 8'0" Fly Rod : TF 03 80 4 B
    TFO BVK 3wt 8'0" Fly Rod : TF 03 80 4 B
    Purchase TFO BVK 3wt 8'0" Fly Rod : TF 03 80 4 B
    • SKU: TF-03-80-4-B
      TFO BVK 3wt 8'0" Fly Rod : TF 03 80 4 B

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    • $249.95

    TFO BVK 3WT 8'0" FLY ROD : TF 03 80 4 B

    The TFO BVK 3wt 8'0" Fly Rod is the perfect choice for trout in smaller creeks and streams. This 3wt is an extremely light, crisp, and responsive rod that will make delicate dry fly presentations both in close and at longer distances. The BVK also excels at nymphing small pocket water and the 8'0" length will get you into tight situations with heavy cover where trout love to hide.  

    TFO BVK rods are engineered to the highest performance standards using new materials that dramatically reduce weight while creating an aggressive blend of power and strength. This BVK 3wt 8'0" is a finely tuned instrument that is lightweight, highly responsive, and a true pleasure to cast. BVK rods are powerful, fast-action rods designed for presentation and distance. Throw in other killer features like a translucent olive blank, carbon fiber reel seat, premium Tactical stripping guides, ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides, and Flor grade grips, and the result is an amazing performance rod at an incredible price!


    Temple Fork fly rods are designed for high-end power and performance, with sophisticated and elegant craftsmanship, without unnecessary accouterments that add expense and cost. Every TFO rod is manufactured to exacting standards in their own factories to ensure extreme control of the production and quality process. TFO fly rods provide anglers with tools that properly fit their needs, designed to last a lifetime, at a value price that is hard to believe. For more than two decades, Temple Fork has designed fly rods recognized for optimizing performance and price, making TFO the #1 manufacturer of fly rods in the United States. Every TFO rod is backed by their Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and their commitment to get you back on the water quickly, and without hassle.



    • Fast-action delivers smooth power with crisp responsiveness
    • Proprietary high-modulus graphite / carbon blend
    • Beautiful translucent olive blank
    • Exclusive Tactical series stripping guides for reduced friction
    • Ultra lightweight chromium stainless snake guides
    • Woven carbon fiber reel seat
    • Premium Flor Grade cork grip for superior feel
    • Rod Sock Only: Rod Case Sold Separately
    • Backed by the TFO Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


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