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TFO Mangrove 9wt 9'0" Fly Rod : TF 09 90 4 M
    TFO Mangrove 9wt 9'0" Fly Rod : TF 09 90 4 M
    Purchase TFO Mangrove 9wt 9'0" Fly Rod : TF 09 90 4 M
    • SKU: TF 09 90 4 M
      TFO Mangrove 9wt 9'0" Fly Rod : TF 09 90 4 M

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    • $299.95

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    TFO MANGROVE 9WT 9'0" FLY ROD : TF 09 90 4 M

    TFO Mangrove fly rods are engineered for enhanced feel, accuracy, distance and durability while working the shoreline and around heavy cover. The Mangrove 9wt is a crisp, responsive, smooth casting medium-fast action rod for redfish, snook, bonefish, carp, and largemouth bass. This Mangrove 9wt 9'0" is perfect for chasing redfish in the backcountry and bonefish on the saltwater flats. The Mangrove 9wt will launch saltwater flies and bulky bass bugs with smooth accuracy straight to their target. The Mangrove rods are ideal for anglers with a slow, smooth casting stroke and will help any angler throw tight loops and longer casts.

    Mangrove rods utilize TFOs proprietary TiCr blank coating, which helps protect the rod from the occasional collision with a weighted fly or gunnel. Throw in TFOs proprietary Tactical Series guides, and you have a rod that is as tough as the predators you are chasing. The non-glare chestnut colored blank features a full-wells grip and fighting butt. A cleverly machined hook keeps on each side of the aluminum up-locking reel seat finishes this smooth, responsive fly rod.

    Temple Fork fly rods are designed for high-end power and performance, with sophisticated and elegant craftsmanship, without unnecessary accouterments that add expense and cost. Every TFO rod is manufactured to exacting standards in their own factories to ensure extreme control of the production and quality process. TFO fly rods provide anglers with tools that properly fit their needs, designed to last a lifetime, at a value price that is hard to believe. For more than two decades, Temple Fork has designed fly rods recognized for optimizing performance and price, making TFO the #1 manufacturer of fly rods in the United States. Every TFO rod is backed by their Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and their commitment to get you back on the water quickly, and without hassle.



    • Smooth, medium-action for enhanced line feel and distance
    • Non-glare chestnut colored blank
    • TiCr blank coating for rod protection
    • Exclusive Tactical series stripping guides for reduced friction
    • Ultra lightweight chromium stainless snake guides
    • Full wells grip with fighting butt
    • Fully anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
    • Machined hook keeper on reel seat
    • Rod Sock Only: Rod Case Sold Separately
    • Backed by the TFO Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


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    5.00/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    One rod to rule the inshore?
    Noah B (Newport News, Va) | September 27th, 2019
    I’ll be honest. I don’t really have a good eye for rods. It’s really easy to know when a reel or line isn’t pulling it’s weight, or when one is just exceptionally good. But when it comes to rods, so much of a rod’s performance depends on whether you…the person casting with it….are good at casting and handling fish. You can have the best rod money can buy but still have an awful time on the water with it because your casting is garbage. Some rods might be more forgiving to sloppy technique or casting, but for the most part you are going to have far more positive or negative effect on your cast than your rod will. I’m not a new or inexperienced fisherman, but I’ve never felt there was a lack of new things to learn or ways to improve my cast. I generally take other, better fishermen’s word for it when it comes to whether a rod is any good or not because simply put, I have a hard time identifying whether it’s the rod, or just my own inputs. So when I bought the TFO Mangrove, I sort of bought it under the pretense that I needed a solid 9wt rod that wasn’t going to make my bad habits worse, and would hopefully help amplify my strengths on the water. The reviews and word-of-mouth were very positive, so I had solid expectations that I wouldn’t see a net loss in my quality by throwing flies with it. Out of the box, it’s a beautiful, if not subtle rod. I won’t say I don’t care for flashy or bright gear (I look like a peacock typically), but I appreciated that it’s just a good, simple looking rod. The cork grips feel good and solid. I don’t see them degrading or wearing down anytime soon, and I think they’ll easily stand up to saltwater, sun, and rough handling. The guides are well-appointed and line slides through them with ease. The seat itself feels very solid and good. The threads don’t feel grainy when I tighten down the lock rings and the butt gets good purchase on my hips when it’s time to fight. I wish there’d been a hook loop on it, but at this point I’m used to just hooking to the bottom of the reel anyway so not a HUGE issue there. Combined with a solid reel (In this case an Orvis Hydros SL), the whole thing feels very well built and direct. The pairing is not by any means an ultralight setup, but it doesn’t feel tiring to swing or hold all day (I haven’t weighed it, but I suspect it’s slightly lighter than my 8wt setup). Now, when it comes to casting, this thing is a real team player. It’ll launch line like a cannon when you need it, but also handles short range well enough that I don’t feel like I’d need to keep a chipping rod in the quiver when I see something inside 30’ that needs pinpoint presentation. If it’s got a weakness, I’d say it’s a LITTLE bouncy when you really load it up. I’m using a winter redfish line and it’ll slap you back if you get a little overzealous on the casts. Likewise, it doesn’t hold back on you when you are really reaching far, but you do have to earn every yard of distance. It has a surprisingly straight arrow accuracy really far out, which I think is where it really does shine overall. If you are trying to get big flies down range quickly and accurately, the Mangrove has you covered. There might be longer range rods, but the compromises in the short end are much bigger with those rods. When the fish is on, it fights and handles even strong linescreamers like stripers and bull reds. It’s got a little more backbone in it than the BVK so if you need something with some arm to pull those big fish out of their holes, I’d go with the Mangrove 7 days a week and twice on Tuesdays. Like I said, the cork is comfortable and easy for long brawls without being unwieldy the rest of the time. Overall, I really love this rod. I don’t know if I’d call it a swiss army knife salt rod, but it’s very close to one. Like I said, it is not 100% idiot proof (keep your casts smooth and solid), but it can give you some great distance with accuracy while still having the medium to short subtlety that’ll keep you on the water longer. I do wish it came with a rod tube and perhaps a hook loop, but otherwise it’s everything I want in a good strong salt rod. If you are looking for something that you can carry and cast all day at pretty much everything inshore (and a few things offshore) and perhaps even do a little salmon and steelheading on the side, go with the Mangrove. It’s not going to let you down and it’ll do what you ask every time.
    Verified Buyer
    Cameron Diver (New Caledonia) | May 28th, 2019
    This has to be one of the best value rods on the market. I own two and use them for New Caledonia's big bonefish and other flats species. The Mangrove casts well in all conditions, including when punching a heavily weighted fly straight into the wind. I have found it durable, reliable and comfortable to use. In my opinion, for a balance between cost and quality you can't go wrong with this rod.