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Winston Boron III X 3wt 8'6" Fly Rod Outfit
    Winston Boron III X 3wt 8'6" Fly Rod Outfit
    Purchase Winston Boron III X 3wt 8'6" Fly Rod Outfit
    • SKU: RFR-B3XO-386
      Winston Boron III X 3wt 8'6" Fly Rod Outfit

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    Winston Boron III X Fly Rod Outfits include the Winston Boron III X Fly Rod, Waterworks-Lamson Litspeed Micra-5 Fly Reel, premium RIO Gold floating fly line, Dacron backing, Tapered Leader, Winston premium aluminum rod tube and rod sock. All Winston Boron III X Fly Rod Outfits are shipped professionally loaded and ready to fish...just tie on a fly!

    This Winston Boron III X 386-4 fly rod is the most advanced rod ever built for trout in smaller creeks and streams. This BIII X 3wt delivers signature Winston smoothness and feel, yet delivers a crisper, faster action than the Winston Air or Boron III LS rods. Boron III X fly rods are extremely responsive with incredible line feel. 

    This 3wt will make the most beautiful dry fly presentations at any distance, and with the Boron butt section, packs a surprising amount of reserve power, effortlessly launching long distance casts. This versatile 3wt will do it all on small to mid-size rivers and give you a lifetime of enjoyment fishing one of the most amazing casting rods ever made!

    The Boron III X is Winstons best-selling all-around fly rod series. Featuring advanced Boron III materials and technology, these Boron III X rods are incredibly lightweight, powerful, deliver high line speeds, and tight loops with the trademark Winston buttery smoothness. Friction-free shooting guides allow Boron III X rods to generate added line speed without compromising feel. The Boron III X 386-4 rod performs perfectly at a broad range of distances, whether you are casting in close or making the perfect dry fly presentation at 60ft.


    • Advanced Boron III technology delivers crisp, fast-action
    • Features Winstons premium friction-free shooting guides
    • Smooth, lightweight, powerful
    • Effortless long casts or delicate presentations up-close
    • Nickel silver reel seat with burled wood insert 
    • Super-light graphite rod tube embossed with company logo signature plus logo tech rod sock
    • Each Winston Boron III X rod is handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT
    • Backed by the Winston Lifetime Warranty


    The Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed Micra-5 Fly Reel is one of the world's lightest and more durable full drag reels ever produced. The new Litespeed Micra-5 reel is a marvel of engineering, continuing the legacy of one of the most popular and influential reels over the past two decades. 


    Full CNC machined from aircraft 6061 T-6 barstock aluminum alloy to exacting tolerances, the Litespeed frame and spool are beautifully curved, adding structural strength and rigidity. The fully machined, completely sealed conical drag system is buttery smooth and utterly indestructible. Finished with a proprietary Micralox finish, the Litespeed is scratchproof, dent resistant, and corrosion proof.


    In this newest version, you get a higher retrieve rate, for fast line pick up, an improved ergonomic drag knob for better grip, plus a stronger, more structurally-sound frame and narrower spool for improved line handling. The drag housing is also integrated into the frame to save weight and decrease overall width. The Litespeed is an elegant, beautiful reel that is as durable as any reel on the market. You will not find a better designed, or engineered, USA made reel at any price.




    • Fully CNC machined to exacting standards in the USA from proprietary 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
    • Ultra-lightweight, incredibly strong design
    • Patented Conical drag system is powerful, maintenance-free, and complete sealed
    • Oversize drag knob for quick, easy drag adjustments
    • Micralox armor finish is scratch proof and corrosion free  
    • Quick release spool and easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion
    • Backed by the Lamson Lifetime Warranty


    RIO Gold Fly Lines set the standard for all-purpose trout fly lines that excel in any situation. With a revolutionary design that allows for incredible loop stability at distance, a unique taper that allows a rod to load at close range and a positive front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies of any size, RIO Gold is the ultimate all-around, floating line for freshwater fly fishing. The long back taper is excellent for mending and for roll casting, and the two-tone color make it easy to find the perfect loading point. RIO Gold lines features RIO's XS technology for an extraordinarily slick, dirt-repelling coating, as well as RIOs AgentX and Super Floatation Technology that ensure the tip and the running line always float high. A welded loop on both ends of the fly Line facilitates changing leaders and allows for fast rigging. RIO Gold will make any angler a better caster, throwing tighter loops longer distances and is the perfect line for fishing dries to streamers. 


    • New MaxFloat Tip floats higher to reduce drag and improve visibility
    • New MaxCast technology shoots line effortlessly for greater range
    • Agent X technology self lubricates line to reduce friction 
    • DualTone for easy loading point identification
    • Front abd back welded loops for fast, easy rigging changes