Thomas & Thomas Paradigm 844-4 Fly Rod

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Thomas & Thomas Paradigm 844-4 Fly Rod



The T&T Paradigm 844-4 fly rod is the rod of choice when delicately laying down a dry fly. Presentation is curial for targeting heavily pressured fish, the Paradigm 844-4 gives you the advantage when the fish are easily spooked. With extreme line control and unmatched accuracy, the Paradigm 844-4 is the only option for the dry fly enthusiasts. The Thomas & Thomas Paradigm is the ultimate presentation fly rod. While the advances of technology have pushed the limits of rod weight, line speed, and casting distance, the essence of stalking a rising trout and presenting the fly remains unchanged. This is where the Paradigm shines were other rods don’t. When asking a group of experienced anglers to name the greatest dry fly rod of all time, the T&T Paradigm is sure to be mentioned more than once. Based off the original 20+ year old rod model, the new Paradigm is now solidifying its legendary status here in the 21st century.

A fine rod is a rod that you can love. You’ve really accomplished something when you make a rod that is the one that people want to reach for before all others.” - Tom Dorsey

Surpassing all your expectations, the T&T Paradigm rod is still the front runner in comparison to other dry fly rods. This moderate action, presentation-based fly rod, makes it easier than ever to hunt those very picky eating rising trout. Keeping this in mind, Thomas & Thomas set out to capture the unique feel of the original Paradigm fly rod and landed on a success with a magical instrument.


  • Lightweight Titanium Single Foot REC guides
  • Matte Titanium finish roll-stamped hardware
  • USA sourced Bird's Eye Maple spacers
  • Beautiful new semi-gloss blue surface finish
  • Hand-written logo, serial numbers, and additional visual accents
  • Ultra-light rods with smooth, medium flex action for exceptional presentations.