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Hatch Iconic Fly Reels

The long anticipated Hatch Iconic Fly Reels are a significant upgrade from the beloved Fanatic reels. Hatch clearly took their time and overlooked nothing with designing the Iconic. The new drag system is powerful enough to turn hard charging tarpon and as smooth as silk utilizing a new Carbon-Filled drag material that quickly dissipates heat. The new Iconic sports a Bright Dip Anodized Finish with an ultra-sleek appearance that maintains the distinct look of matte anodize while also showcasing the shine of its beautifully machined parts. Iconic reels are designed with an option for every angler in mind, starting with their 3 plus and ending at their 11 plus. From chasing brookies in small mountain streams to teasing billfish to the surface offshore, there’s an Iconic in the lineup to get the job done. Crafted with a completely sealed carbon-filled drag system and a gorgeous open design, this reel has exceptional stopping power, solid strength and stability, an incredibly smooth feel, and dries backing quickly.  


One Piece Reel Body - There’s no doubt that Hatch understands quality and understands that sometimes you need to take the hard (and expensive) road to ensure that your equipment is top notch in design and appearance. Their Iconic Reel is no exception here. Hatch builds this reel with a One Piece Reel Body. The first company to do this and currently one of the only manufacturer’s still doing so, the Iconic’s One Piece Body is tough and ensures that your reel seat never loosens up due to galvanic corrosion. Hatch’s design features don’t end there either, as they’ve reshaped the reel seat for a new look and consistently stable construction. Available in a range of sizes and weights, there’s an Iconic that can properly balance any rod in your quiver and each one boasts this strong and sleek design.   


Type II Anodized with Bright Dip Finish  - Hatch gave their Iconic reels a Bright Dip Finish that’s new to their line. Hatch’s Bright Dip Finish has an ultra-sleek appearance that maintains the distinct look of matte anodize while also showcasing the shine of its machined parts. This updated finish sets the Iconic apart from other Hatch reels in looks while maintaining the strength, rigidity, and saltwater capabilities that we’ve grown to love in the previous Hatch models. A look that’s as easy on the eyes as it gets and an ability to hold its own no matter what the situation, the Type II Anodized build and Bright Dip Finish is the best of both worlds.   


Barstock Machined (6061-T) Aluminum - Hatch made their Iconic Reel to be used for the long haul without sacrificing its lightweight feel. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, Hatch’s Iconic is light in your hand and prevents abrasion and corrosion from daily use. Able to withstand the terrors of saltwater even after you’ve dropped it in the parking lot, this reel is durable and can handle just about anything that you throw its way.   


Carbon-Filled Drag System - Hatch built their Iconic Reel with a Carbon Filled Drag System to place it at the top of their line when it comes to drag smoothness. A system that’s brand new and exclusive to the Iconic (at least for now), Hatch outfits this reel with a Carbon-Filled drag material that quickly dissipates heat and provides a feel that’s as smooth as glass. However, Hatch didn’t stop there--the Iconic removes the cassette housing of the drag system’s past. Instead, Hatch integrated it right into the body of the reel in order to increase stability while decreasing axial runout. A well-designed drag system that can stop anything from carnivorous brown trout to gator-sized tarpon, Hatch’s Iconic has a drag that you can count on everywhere you go.   

Materials - Built with carbon fiber, Hatch’s Iconic has the smoothest drag system of any reel in their lineup. Equally strong as it is smooth, the Iconic has excellent stopping power and can stand up to both fresh and saltwater without fail. From long saltwater battles to nocturnal trout expeditions, Hatch’s carbon drag system can handle any fish or situation you put in its path.   

Arbor Size

Large and Mid Arbor - Known for their sizing versatility and ability to have a reel size for any fish or conditions you find, Hatch makes their Iconic Reel with both a large and mid arbor. Since the Iconic spans the gap from Hatch’s 3 plus to their 11 plus, this reel has arbor size options to ensure that you’re always appropriately outfitted. Hatch wanted their Iconic Reel to cater to just about any angler on the water, which is why every reel comes in a large arbor size. However, to cast an even wider net and increase the options available to you, Hatch’s 5 plus through 11 plus comes in both a large and mid arbor option. This is perfect for those of us who are in between rod weights and don’t want to add the additional bulk of a large arbor when it isn’t necessary--think small bones and juvenile permit that might require the power of a larger reel during the fight without the extra casting weight that comes with bumping into a larger arbor.   


Hatch Warranty - Hatch Outdoors customer service is second to none. The Hatch Lifetime warranty will cover any manufacturer’s defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the reel, and any defective Hatch reel will be repaired or replaced at no charge for the parts and labor. Buy with confidence.