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Nautilus Fly Reels

Nautilus Reels

Nautilus fly reels deliver superior performance with a maintenance free, fully sealed drag system. This powerful, sealed drag keeps water out and provides smooth, consistent resistance when battling saltwater beasts. Nautilus reels are amazingly light, beautifully machined, and tough as nails, which explains their surging popularity in recent years.

Our Pro Staff has rigorously tested the entire lineup of Nautilus reels and have them mounted on many of our favorite rods. These reels are among our favorites and have proven themselves as world-class reels for steelhead, bass, trout, bonefish, redfish, tarpon, and more. We're not gentle with our gear - quite the opposite, and these reels have taken all the punishment we've been able to dish out. The fully sealed drag keeps water and dirt out and the large “giga” arbor picks up line faster than any reel we've fished. The Nautilus NV-G, CCF-X2, and X-Series reels are are widely regarded as some of the best values in fly fishing.

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