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Orvis Fly Fishing Rods

Orvis Fly Fishing Rods

Orvis Fly Rods have a rich history with more than 150 years of rod building experience, so it’s no wonder anglers look to Orvis for the highest quality Fly Rods in the industry. Orvis’ lineup of Fly Rods is one of the best on the market, the culmination of cutting-edge technology, precision, and expertise. Explore Orvis’ collection of Fly Rods and find exactly what you are looking for to equip your next fly-fishing adventure. Discover a Fly Rod for every excursion—saltwater, freshwater, spey casting, small creeks, and warm water applications.

Here you will find the largest selection of Orvis Fly Rods and fly fishing gear for any species and to fit any budget, from the Encounter Outfit to the amazing Helios 3 Fly Rod. Orvis offers a great range of prices including some great offerings for the beginning or budget-minded angler. Most Orvis rods are still made here in the USA and feature their bulletproof unconditional 25-year guarantee.

Drawing on a sporting legacy that stretches for more than a century and a half, ReelFlyRod is proud to equip anglers with the best Orvis fly-fishing rods in the world. Since the company founder Charles Orvis developed the first ‘modern’ Fly Reel—a device hailed in 1874 as “the benchmark of American reel design”—Orvis continues to bring innovation to the forefront with their celebrated fly-fishing gear.

Helios 3D - Orvis designed the Helios 3D Fly Rod to cast at impressive distances without sacrificing power—and it hits the mark every time. We’ve reduced the variables at the point of release to focus the energy behind every cast. Increased hoop strength means reduced vibration for a consistently crisp release, because we know accuracy is paramount. The H3D rod churns out precise casts that are the stuff of legend—because it’s the pinpoint delivery of flies that takes you from a quiet day on the water to battling predator fish ripping down the flats. Pushing through a gusty saltwater wind is no big deal—the Helios 3D has the power to get your fly there, and the accuracy to drop it right where you want it. Whatever the location, whatever the fish, the H3D is ready for it: Big rivers or saltwater, bonefish or bass—those accurate drops earn more bends in the rod, it’s as simple as that. Get the most accurate Fly Rod in existence and land more fish on every trip.

Helios 3F - The most accurate Fly Rods ever built. Helios 3F offers accuracy with enhanced feel and finesse. The Helios 3F 905-4 was designed to put an Adams in a teacup from 40 feet. The ultimate big river rod when delicacy and pin-point accuracy spell success. Matte Storm blank. Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum Midnight black w/ Matte Storm carbon insert. Green accent wrap. Black/gray main wraps. REC recoil snake guides. SiC/titanium stripping guides. No cast ever thrown is identical to any other cast ever thrown. The variables of caster, rod, and conditions are too great. Helios 3F was designed to significantly reduce the variables at the point of release focusing the energy of the cast to the intended target.

Mission Switch and Spey Rods - Two-handed anglers, the Mission Fly Rod collection is the one you’ve been waiting for. We’ve borrowed engineering techniques from our Helios 3 collection to create this line of rods to suit a range of casting styles. This versatile line includes options to reach the far bank with a hefty pattern or drop a diminutive fly just-so—big or small water, there’s a Mission Fly Rod to suit your inclinations. Scandi lines or Skagit heads, this Fly Rod outfit handles each with an efficient, do-it-all ease. Mission rods dampen vibrations to put more energy behind each cast, a veritable angling autocorrect system that impRoves presentation and rescues botched casts. These forgiving Fly Rods offer impressive line control and excellent reach so you can hit the far bank of big salmon rivers or drop smaller flies with precision. Cast all day: Mission rods may be lightweight, but each is a casting powerhouse.

Recon - Mid-price anglers, your Fly Rod has arrived. With Recon, you get high-performance feel, lightness in hand, close-in loading ability, and the power for longer reach, and—thanks to H3 construction techniques—impRoved accuracy. And you get it all at an affordable price. Recon is the rod designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and jerky paired with the evening hatch instead of a sit-down meal at a sane hour. For anglers who would rather spend the day in the front of a skiff than behind a desk, Orvis has created a rod ready to work as hard as you do in the pursuit of fish.

Superfine Glass Rods - See why seasoned anglers turn to Orvis’ Superfine line, representing a new standard in fiberglass rods. Voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine, the Superfine offers the feel, accurate casting, and the classic bend fiberglass Fly Rods are all about. Ideal for small creeks and rivers and close-range casting, Superfine Glass fiberglass Fly Rods allow you to deliver the fly line with great delicacy and fight fish with fine tippets.

Clearwater - Everything has changed except the value. The new Clearwater Rod Series is a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers. Each rod is designed with a purpose-built profile and action to handle the fishing the rod would be traditionally used for, from medium-action small stream rods to medium-fast freshwater rods and fast-action big game rods. Designed in Vermont for anglers worldwide.

ReelFlyRod is the largest Orvis tackle dealer in the world, so we know the gear better than anyone and more importantly, we have your Orvis gear in stock. We even offer complete beginner Orvis fly fishing Outfit Packages exclusively available at ReelFlyRod.

Have questions or need expert advice choosing the perfect Orvis Fly Rod to suit your needs? Please contact our ReelFlyRod Pro Staff by phone or email. We are here to help you find the perfect Orvis fly fishing gear for your local waters!

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