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Fishpond Thunderhead Collection

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Fishpond Thunderhead Collection

Waterproof fishing packs have become very popular in recent years. Fly fishing frequently keeps you on the move, and anglers cover a lot of ground and water. A quality waterproof fishing pack ensures all your gear stays protected and dry no matter what the weather is doing. A good fishing pack is equipped with an array of features and storage to support you on the water, but it doesn't do much good if all your gear still gets soaked. A truly waterproof backpack is not cheap, but it’s a purchase that’s worth every penny when you consider the gear (and fun on the water) you’re protecting. Venturing out for an entire day, or weekend, often requires layering, rain protection, additional gear, camera equipment or cell phone, food provisions, and more. Investing in a high-quality waterproof fishing back is something you typically only do once, or if you use it frequently, once every several years. You'll also find plenty of other reasons to use it, including weekend getaways, air travel, and anytime you leave the house with extra stuff.

A day fishing is easily ruined if you wade too high with your pack, lose it over the side of the boat, or the sky opens up to a torrential downpour. Why not own equipment that has you covered no matter what? Submersible fishing packs just make sense the more you think about it. If you’re an angler who prefers to bring a pack on the water, we have the the perfect fly fishing pack for you. Waterproof zippers have come a long way, and are expensive to produce. They are strong and secure, requiring both hands to zip and unzip. Our Pro Staff Top Pick are the Fishpond's Thunderhead Submersible Packs because of their incredible durability, attractive design, and they’re loaded with great features. Our other top recommendations include the Simms Dry Creek Z, Patagonia Guidewater, Fishpond Wind River, Simms Flyweight, and Orvis Bug Out packs. Each of these packs are premium quality, 100% waterproof packs that are best-in-class. When it comes to waterproof fishing packs, you truly get what you pay for.

The Fishpond Thunderhead Collection of submersible waterproof packs is the most technically advanced lineup of waterproof storage systems available today. The Thunderhead line includes the popular Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack, SlingPpack, Lumbar Pack, Chest Pack, Duffel, and Tech Pouch are the toughest packs ever made, constructed with bombproof 900D TPU coated NewStream fabric. The Thunderhead system is designed to work together or separately, for a waterproof carry system created to purposefully load all of the essential gear for a day on the water.

We carry only the very best fishing packs that have been field tested, used and abused by our Pro Staff. Browse our entire collection of fly fishing packs with confidence that these carefully chosen products will keep your gear organized, safe, and secure.

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