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The most detailed and informative Southwestern Ohio Fishing Reports.

Including the Mad River, Great Miami, Little Miami, Twin Creek, Stillwater, and Brookville Tailwater.

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Despite the past few days of non-stop rain, the fishing is slowly picking up. With warmer temperatures and warm rain, the fish are waking up and they’re getting more and more active by the day. With fish activity picking up, that means they are coming up out of the deeper water and into the shallows. Being stealthy this time of year is crucial, one movement to fast or one cast not on target could cost you a fish.

Ohio Trout Fishing Report

The Mad River:

The Mad River is a picky river to say the least. Confidence is key in such a delicate fishery. Pheasant tails and hares ears have been spectacular. Add a split shot to drop them a bit in the water column will do the trick. To really get a chance at a few more fish try venturing a little bit farther than the average angler to get an upper hand. Once you find a nice hole that has a wide variety of food sources and a nice substrate. Don’t be afraid on hunkering down, trying on several flies to pull a fish out. They are in there; you must be patient.  

Brookville Tailwater:

Due to the recent rains, the Army Corp will increase the water discharge on Sunday. It looks like your best shot maybe Friday and Saturday to fish a level between 4ft and 5ft. The water temps are warming up and you may see some dry fly activity in the coming days to week. What this calls for is bigger nymph setups that catch the eye of the fish, or streamer fishing with white, olive, or black streamers. Call the fly shop for selected flies to match the hatch.

Southwestern Bass Fishing Report

Since the past few days have been a steady down pour the rivers are not quite ready for the bass season but they are close. The rising temperatures and warm rainwater are what the fish want. Despite the rivers being blown out for the useable future, local ponds are picking up the intensity. Smaller bass and pan fish are loving this transitional period just before pre-spawn. Any sort of little bait fish imitator will do the trick.

With the state of the world today, try to get outdoors as much as you can and wet a line. We are open here at the shop for any of your fishing wants and needs.

Tight Lines!

 - Clay