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Women Fly Fishing : The Future Of The Sport

Women Fly Fishing : The Future Of The Sport

Two women catching trout in a river

Women are embracing fly fishing like never before, and the women who love it see it as much more than just a hobby. They see it as a way to unplug from busy schedules and immerse themselves in nature, creating a very personal experience. Many liken it to yoga; a quiet, meditative getaway from daily stressors. These women are challenging norms and carving out their own space on rivers and lakes across the country. In fact, women are the fastest growing demographic in fly fishing, making up 31 percent of the 6.5 million Americans who fly-fish, which represents a double digit increase over the past seven years, according to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.

This increase has been fueled by the introduction of high-quality women's fly fishing gear, such as women's waders, women's wading boots, and women's jackets. Also contributing to this growth is digital media delivering captivating images, the emergence of several prominent, exceptional women anglers, and efforts by several organizations to bring women into the sport. This is all a great thing for a number of reasons.

The increased participation of women in fly fishing will only inspire the sport to grow and evolve in all the best ways. As we introduce women to fly fishing, we’re building conservationists who understand It is our responsibility to protect the natural resources around us so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy it one day as we have. Women’s increased involvement unites communities and invigorates conservation initiatives, ultimately leading to sustainability of angling and a healthier ecosystem. Best of all, the result is a sport that is increasingly accessible to all.

One of the wonderful things about teaching women to fly fish, is they are very good listeners, and easily coached. They don't try to overpower the fly rod when casting, there is no macho attitude or power struggles - and these traits often lead them to have more success early on the water than their male counterparts.

Manufacturers and suppliers have taken notice of the exponential growth in women interested in fly fishing, and now tailor premium women's waders and gear to suit their needs. However, one of the biggest hurdles has been the men who work in fly shops. Women can feel intimidated by going into a fly shop with condescending, know-it-all men who don't make them feel welcome or don't take them seriously. Women want to feel that it's OK to be out on the water, and that it's ok to visit the fly shop to ask questions, learn, and be helped in a courteous, friendly, and helpful manner.

At ReelFlyRod, we have intentionally created a culture to cater to female anglers and make them feel extremely welcome. Not only is it the right thing to do, it has also been a significant part of our growth as we bring new women anglers into the sport. We take the time to answer all your questions, share our knowledge freely, and expertly help you get started with the best possible gear at the best price – whether you are in the shop, or live anywhere across the United States. We offer private casting instruction, and group casting lessons for women, as well as guided fly fishing trips on the southern Ohio rivers systems. If you are interested in getting starting fly fishing, you have come to the right place. Please give us a call toll free at 1-855-434-8472 or send us an email to [email protected]. Our friendly, expert Pro Staff is here to help you join the women's movement in fly fishing and to help you maximize your enjoyment and success on the water!

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