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Echo Ion 7/9 Fly Reel
    Echo Ion 7/9 Fly Reel
    Purchase Echo Ion 7/9 Fly Reel
      Echo Ion 7/9 Fly Reel

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    • $99.99

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    ECHO ION 7/9 FLY REEL : 7-9WT


    The Echo Ion 7/9 Fly Reel is the perfect addition to any 7-9 weight trout fly rod. A beefy drag that is smooth and reliable, the ECHO Ion Fly Reels merge performance with affordability.


    The Echo Ion reels are some of the best reel we've ever seen in the sub $100 category. They're made from what we call a "hybrid" design, cast in aluminum and then machined to provide the benefits of a machined bar stock reel without the high price associated with "fully" machined reels. Then coated with an impact-resistant, matte black finish to provide the best-looking, longest-lasting finish. Six sizes to fit any rod, starting with the 2/3 and finishing with the 10/12, which will pair easily with the largest single-hand or two-handed lines and plenty of backing. Echo Ion reels have stainless steel internal components and are primarily designed for fresh water use. They are not designed for, but can handle some exposure to salt providing extra care is taken to clean and lubricate them after each day on the water. At $79.95 retail for the three smaller reels and $99.99 for the three larger sizes, the Ion reels are a "no brainer." 




    • Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag with low start-up resistance
    • Backlash-free, instant drag reaction from one-way roller clutch bearing
    • Positive position click drag knob
    • Lightweight, hybrid design balances with lighter rods
    • Incoming/outgoing audible click
    • Durable solid alloy construction
    • Fast line pickup large arbor spool
    • Covered by a 12-month warranty from Echo
    • Weight: 7.9oz
    • Diameter: 3.9”
    • Width: 1.3”
    • Capacity: WF8/200yds/20lb
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    Can't be beat for less than $100
    Steve (Southern California) | February 3rd, 2020
    Picked up the Echo Ion 7/9 for use in the salt and for steelhead. It is a solid reel, that feels like it should cost more than it does. The drag is solid, and the drag knob is easy to adjust, unlike some other similarly priced reels. There is a pleasant, but soft, click on the incoming and outgoing retrieve. It holds a ton of line and backing, and I like the fact that it is wider than most reels. The spool comes off easy and the finish is nice. For less than $100 it is hard to argue with the value and quality that this reel offers.