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Echo SHADOW II 3100 Fly Rod Outfit : 3wt 10'0"
    Echo SHADOW II 3100 Fly Rod Outfit : 3wt 10'0"
    Purchase Echo SHADOW II 3100 Fly Rod Outfit : 3wt 10'0"
    • SKU: ECHOSH23100OUT
      Echo SHADOW II 3100 Fly Rod Outfit : 3wt 10'0"

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    • $439.00

    NEW! ECHO SHADOW II 3100-4 FLY ROD OUTFIT : 3WT, 10'0"

    The Echo Shadow II 3wt 10'0" fly rod is the best nymphing fly rod for smaller, faster creeks and streams. The lightest of the shadow series. Constructed and designed for the popular Czech and European nymph angler, the Echo Shadow II Fly Rods are a faster action rod that delivers critical feel and line control. If you have never thought about a longer nymph rod, the Echo Shadow II is the perfect choice and price to get you started in long-lining trout and smallmouth out of the deep, fast currents.

    Designed by Tim and Team USA's Pete Erickson, these powerful, moderate- to faster-action "long-light" European-style nymphing rods deliver critical feel and line control with an added bonus: They'll actually cast a dry fly when your feeling dirty. The ultimate fishing competition rod, bar none.


    • Classic Matte Black Blank Color
    • Length: 10'0"
    • Weight: 2.8oz
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Competition Approved
    • Action: Fast-ish

    The Echo Shadow Click Fly Reel was designed specifically for the modern euro fly rod setup. Lightweight, simplistic click/drag design, and a new frame design to prevent line from catching under the spool. The New Shadow Click is slightly larger in diameter for faster pickups when a trophy is hooked. A great overall reel that will pair extremely well with any rod used for Euro or High-Stick nymphing


    • Low maintenance clicker drag provides resistance to prevent backlash
    • Unique frame design prevents thin lines from catching under the spool
    • 2wt-5wt


    Euro nymphing, especially in competition circuits, requires presentations that a standard fly line just can’t accommodate. 
    The Euro Nymph Line features a level taper design with extra thin (0.60mm) diameter for minimal drag.  By using our low-stretch Power Core technology, we achieved the most supple, sensitive line imaginable to help you control your presentation and feel and react to every strike. Available in one size and one taper/density.  The Euro Nymph line is compliant for International Fly Fishing Competition rules.


    Includes welded front loop Level taper: The small diameter, level design is designed to create minimal resistance in the water when presenting Euro nymph style presentations.

    Rigging tips:  Euro nymphing has many, many schools of thought on how to rig up and we would need a whole other website with dozens of articles just to scratch the surface of the topic.  We encourage anyone wanting information on how to rig for Euro nymphing to call their local fly shop for advice or find articles online to point you in the right direction.

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