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Fishpond Horse Thief Tote
    Fishpond Horse Thief Tote
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    • SKU: HTT-PM
      Fishpond Horse Thief Tote

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    • $119.95

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    The perfect on-the-go bag for all types of travel. The rugged waxed canvas horse thief tote is built for an active lifestyle. At home, on the river, in the field, at the cabin, or at your local farmers market. Until you own a tote, you have no idea how often you will find yourself using this ultra-utilitarian, well-styled piece. Pair this with the other fine waxed canvas collection from Fishpond

    • 10.10oz Certified Organic Cotton Waxed Canvas
    • YKK AquaGuard® water resistant zipper
    • Fishpond signature rope handles
    • Quick access exterior pocket
    • Recycled Cyclepond hanging interior pocket for organization
    • Exterior custom gear lash tabs
    • 10.10 oz. Waxed Canvas
    • 18” x 9” x 16.5"
    • 36L (2,196 Cu. In.)
    • 2.10 LBS
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