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Scott Centric 904/4 Fly Rod
    Scott Centric 904/4 Fly Rod
    Purchase Scott Centric 904/4 Fly Rod
    • SKU: C9044
      Scott Centric 904/4 Fly Rod

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    SCOTT CENTRIC 904/4 FLY ROD : 9'0", 4WT

    Introducing the new Centric series fly rods. Scott put the feel in fast action rods. Now we’re taking it to the next level. Cutting edge Centric series fly rods deliver new levels of stability, recovery speed, and range, while giving anglers tons of feedback through the easy flexing tip sections and highly transmissive blanks. 

    These are the most efficient rods Scott has ever created. Flat, stable, high line speed loops are easily generated at any distance with minimal effort from the caster. For anglers of any skill level, these rods feel very light in the hand, are insanely accurate, and are simply a joy to fish at any distance. 

     Ease of roll casts and mends is next level. The ability to control loop shape and line speed at any distance give anglers wide-ranging versatility. Centric rods combine new tapers and multi-modulus lay ups with a new resin system to increase fiber density and reduce weight, and they feature our new generation ARC reinforcement for greater stability along multiple axes. New custom rolling equipment allows us to control fiber placement and density with new levels of precision. And just to top it all off, we designed new standard-setting componentry for Centric rods that redefine functionality, durability, and beauty. 

    Scott Centric rods are fit with Flor grade cork, new titanium stripping guides with super slick zirconia inserts, new low glare Snakebrand Universal snake guides, and a new fully milled reel seat featuring speed threads, easy grip knurling, self-indexing hoods, micarta inserts, a special Delrin lock washer, and type 3 flat black hard coat. 

    Centric rods are available in models ranging from 8.5’ to 10.0,’ in line weights 4 to 7. All Centric rods are 4 pieces and come in an embroidered cloth bag and premium aluminum rod tube. Scott Centric rods are handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials. 

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    5.00/5 Stars out of 5 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    Carlos | December 1st, 2021
    This thing is a beast. Cant say enough about it
    Verified Buyer
    Fantastic Rod!
    Justin (Seattle) | October 19th, 2021
    I've added this rod to my arsenal and can't say enough good things about it.
    Verified Buyer
    A Wonderful 4 weight for Trout Fishing
    Steve Anderson (NC) | August 21st, 2021
    I've fished a Scott Radian 905-4 for a few years and I have been very happy with that rod, especially fishing western rivers from a boat. So I read lots of reviews for the Centric series and waited some time before trying a Centric. This Centric 904-4 is simply fantastic. It casts beautifully and fishes even better. I've tried both the SA Trout taper and the SA Infinity taper lines on it and while it casts well with either line, I think I prefer the Trout taper for typical shorter fishing casts. I don't pay much attention to rod cosmetics, but it is finished very well & I really like the usability of the "quick spin" locking on the reel seat. I wish all rod manufacturers would use something similar. I also have an Asquith 490-4. Both rods cast a tight loop and I still enjoy both, but the action is distinctly different between the two. On the Asquith, I feel a distinct flex down in the blank on longer casts, where the Centric feels more uniform and progressive regardless of the length of the cast. I think the Centric might be more user friendly for newcomers.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Rod by Scott
    Jeff Spencer (MI) | December 20th, 2020
    Rod looks and feels fantastic I have a Radian and Disnt think Scott could improve on the feel and performance. Great dry fly rod 905 4 wt!
    Verified Buyer
    Steve (WV) | November 6th, 2020
    I purchased the Scott Centric 9’ 4wt and it arrived today. I have not taken the plastic off the cork yet to really look at it, but I did try it out with a SA MPX WF4F line. First, disregarding the cork for now since I have not taken the plastic off, the rest of the rod is impeccable. The tip top mating to the rod is the cleanest I have ever seen, obviously someone really cared about putting this rod together. All wraps are immaculate and the 12” and 20” markers are spot on. The alignment dots are not glaring but muted not standing out and taking away from the rod’s looks. From a quality of build perspective, it’s beautiful. I don’t even mind the black reel seat, though I would have rather had a nice dark walnut or similar at this price point. So, is very fast and a little unforgiving of casting errors as one should expect of a fast rod. But it is accurate, boy is it accurate. I could pick out leaves around the yard and nail them up to about 35’ without a care or paying particular attention to my form. The fly just went there like it was the rods idea and not mine, because frankly, I am not the best caster; I just don’t practice or fish enough. Right now, it nails 99% of my fishing distance. I think that if I practiced more and as I learn this rod, I might be able to throw into the backing...not that that matters, you really cannot see the fly or set the hook well at those distances with any 4wt. I would recommend this rod to moderately experienced to expert casters, for beginners to to just below moderately experienced fishers I would wait until you have gotten your cast down pat. I think this rod would be a bit hard to learn on. I need to get it in the water and take the plastic off the cork to really see it. After that I might update my review if it needs it. Frankly, right now I am wowed.

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