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Rainy's Carp Fly Assortment (18 Pack)
    Rainy's Carp Fly Assortment (18 Pack)
    Purchase Rainy's Carp Fly Assortment (18 Pack)
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      Rainy's Carp Fly Assortment (18 Pack)

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    The New rave?Flyfishing for Carp! There is no other collection on the market like this. It contains 18 of Rainy?s Carp-specific Flies, in a nice Hard-plastic divided Box, for all areas of the globe. From Carp Teases and Bugskin Wigglers to Mini Bugger Leeches and Carp-Pull-Tunnels. This collection is sure to target the Carp species in any area. For years people have had to tie there own carp flies or incorporate traditional Streamers and nymphs to try and Catch these Bottom feeders. Rainy?s now offers a line of Carp-specific Flies, as well as this collection to target the diet and feeding styles of these freshwater Bonefish.

    Fly Selection includes:

    * Rainys RL Prince nymphs
    * Rainys Mini Bugger Leeches
    * Rainys Carp Teases
    * Rainys Punk Head Leeches
    * Rainys Carp-Pull-Tunnels
    * Rainys Bugskin Wigglers
    * Rainys Damsel nymphs
    * Rainys Scoobie Snacks
    * 6 Compartment Storage Box Included

    About Rainys Flies

    Rainy?s Flies are consistently the premium quality Flies on the market today. All Rainys Flies are Professionally tied in-house by Rainys employees, most of whom have been with the company for many years. Only the highest quality materials are used and Flies are tied to rigorous standards that Rainy personally oversees. The result is you will Catch more fish with Rainys innovative patterns and Proportionately correct Flies, and more fish on each Fly because of high quality ties that demonstrate durability.

    Rainys Flies & Supplies, Inc. is committed to providing exceptional customer service and unparalleled quality in their products. Rainy Riding has tied Flies Professionally since Rainy?s was founded in 1971. She is a master Fly tier and innovator of timesaving materials, tools, and techniques and is a world renowned Foam specialist. Rainy is the designer of over 650 Fly patterns (exclusive to RainysŒ), crossing all fishing genres. She has been featured in local and International magazines for her craftsmanShip and innovative Tying techniques.

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