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Sage Foundation Fly Fishing Combo Package
    Sage Foundation Fly Fishing Combo Package
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      Sage Foundation Fly Fishing Combo Package

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    Our Sage Foundation Elite Fly Fishing Package is the best of the best to start your lifetime pursuit of chasing fish on the fly rod. The Sage Foundation Fly Rod is hand built in the United States and features a medium-fast smooth action that delivers crisp, feel and control. Whether a beginner, novice, or experienced angler, this rod is for you. The Foundation Fly Rod is perfectly matched with the new Sage Spectrum C fly reel, with a smooth, powerful drag system with to help you land the fish of a lifetime. The Rio Gold line is the top of the line with extreme slickness, high float techology, and a perfect taper to load the Sage Foundation rod. 


    Sage Foundation Fly Rod Outfits include the Sage Foundation Fly Rod, Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel, premium RIO Gold floating fly line, Dacron backing, RIO Tapered Leader, and Sage cordura rod tube. All Sage Foundation Fly Rod Outfits are shipped professionally loaded and ready to fish...just tie on a fly!

    Sage Foundation fly rods are without question, the best value in a USA made, high-performance fly rod. You will be amazed at how beautifully smooth these rods cast. If you've been thinking about stepping up to a Sage rod, your decision just became much easier. Sage Foundation will change the way you look at affordability vs. performance. The Foundation package is the perfect choice for newer anglers that want to start off with top quality performance Sage equipment. The Foundation Outfit is the perfect choice for trout, bass, steelhead, salmon, bonefish, redfish, snook and general saltwater fishing. Foundation rods 7wt and above come with a full wells grip and fighting butt handle, while the 4-6wt rods come with a freshwater nickel real seat and wood insert.

    Sage Foundation is built on a high-performance Graphite IIIe blank, delivering a smooth, crisp medium-fast action that will suit most casting styles. The rod loads deep, providing excellent casting power and effortless control. It is the very foundation of what defines a Sage rod; performance and taking your game to another level. Whether you are a guide on the Madison or exploring your backyard waters, the Foundation rods deliver the signature Sage feel. For over 35 years Sage has built performance rods one at a time on Bainbridge Island, WA. The same 27 sets of skilled hands that craft all Sage rods construct each Foundation fly rod.


    • Smooth, crisp medium-fast Graphite IIIe Technology
    • Stealth black finish with black primary wraps and silver trim wraps
    • Ceramic stripper guides; hard chrome snake guides and tip-top
    • Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
    • Premium half wells cork handle 
    • Sage black nylon rod tube with divided liner
    • Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA
    • Backed by the Sage Lifetime Warranty


    The new Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel is attractive, durable, and powerful. Spectrum C reels feature a proven, completely sealed, carbon fiber disc drag system that is smooth and powerful, with the ability to put the brakes on big species like bass, steelhead, bonefish, and salmon. These lightweight reels are beautifully designed, and offer anglers a tough, durable Sage reel at an entry level price. 

    Spectrum C reels use next generation, die-cast technology followed by CNC machining to reduce weight and create a unique, attractive frame and spool. These reels are then powder coated with an advanced polymer to create a 'tough as nails' finish that resists scratches, dents, and saltwater corrosion. An oversized, machined, and anodized one-revolution drag knob makes on the fly drag adjustments easy, and the fully machined, anodized, ergonomic reel handle improves grip and comfort. 

    These reels have a large arbor and concave spool which produces fast line pick up, while increasing strength and backing capacity. Spectrum C reels easily convert from left to right hand retrieve and include a Sage embroidered ballistic nylon reel pouch for safe storage. Sage Spectrum reels are a best performance value and will provide years of flawless performance.


    • Powerful, smooth, completely sealed carbon drag system 
    • Large arbor design for faster line pick up
    • Concave spool for greater strength and backing capacity
    • Oversized, machined one revolution drag knob for easy drag adjustments
    • Ergonomic, machined aluminum reel handle
    • Powder coated hard finish for durability and corrosion resistance
    • Easy conversion from left to right hand retrieve
    • Neoprene, embroidered Sage ballistic nylon reel case


    RIO Gold Premier Fly Lines have a special taper design that gives incredible loop stability at long distances, a unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range, and a front taper that delivers a perfect presentation any size flies. The RIO Gold is the ultimate, all-around floating fly line for any fishing situation. RIO Gold lines feature RIOs XS Technology for super slick performance, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that ensures the line remains tangle-free. Other technologies include AgentX, MaxCast, and MaxFloatTip to maximize the performance of this line with any fly rod. Dual tone color provides a visual reference for loading the rod, while welded front and back loops make rigging changes a breeze. This line is the Gold standard for all-purpose freshwater fly lines.



    • Versatile, performance freshwater line for all situations
    • Incredible loop stability at long distances
    • Loads rods at close range for shorter distance casting
    • Agent X, MaxCast, and MaxFloatTip Technologies to maximize performance
    • XS Technology for a super slick coating shoots line further
    • Dual Tone color for visual reference point
    • Welded front and rear loops for fast rigging and leader changes

    Our Premium ReelFlyRod Double-Sided Waterproof Fly Boxes make fly selection easy with durable, clarified ABS plastic so you can instantly see all your flies. Each side has a positive, snap-tight latch with stainless steel hinges. Rubber watertight gaskets seal the box tight. Premium slotted foam keeps flies securely in place and stands up to extreme wear and tear. This is a fanastic all around fly box for the money and for any type of fishing.

    • Impact resistant clear ABS polycarbonate lids
    • Stainless steel hinges with not corrode 
    • Premium slotted foam keps flies securely in place
    • Rubber, watertight gaskets seal our moisture
    • Box floats if lost while wading
    • Loaded with 12 premium, top producing flies for your species

    You won't find a better value in a quality wood landing net. ReelFlyRod Catch & Release Landing Nets have a long 24-inch handle and are crafted from premium hardwoods, and finished in a durable polymer finish. The large 11x15 clear rubber basket is very soft to protect delicate fish. This net also won’t damage or snag your flies thanks to its soft, clear, rubber netting material. This net will not mildew, rod, or tangle, providing years of reliable service, safely landing everything you catch. This is an awesome looking, durable, and fish-friendly wood ghost net.

    • Attractive and durable hardwood frame in a classic style
    • Clear mesh disappears under water, so fish won't spook & dart away
    • Rubber texture is extra-soft, so it won't harm delicate fish
    • Teardrop-shape basket keeps fish secure, so you can safely photograph your catch
    • Fine rubber mesh won't get tangled up with your hooks & tandem rig
    • Will not mildew, rot, or tangle
    • Basket measures: 11 x 15 in
    • Overall length: 24 in

    Everything you need, all in one kit. Includes Loon Rogue Forceps, Loon Zinger, and Loon Roque Nippers.
    • Rogue Forceps w/ comfy grip
    • Rogue Nippers w/ comfy grip
    • Zinger


    RIO’s Powerflex Trout leaders feature a powerful butt section that provides unsurpassed turn over for effective wind penetration and to easily cast streamers and indicator rigs. Each leader is made with an advanced copolymer material that ensures the highest knot and tensile strength to allow confident hook sets and greater landing percentages. Each Powerflex Trout leader is designed to help you cast better and fish more effectively.

    • Aggressive high-performance taper
    • Long, powerful butt section with soft, flexible tippet
    • Built in perfection loop for easy rigging
    RIO Powerflex Tippet is a high knot strength copolymer nylon tippet that features superb knot strength, stretch and suppleness to make this the finest nylon tippet for almost all trout fly fishing needs. Powerflex tippet has a PTFE coating that makes knots slide up super tight, without damaging or crinkling up the material. It is a light grey color that enhances its camouflage ability on the water. Available from 8X to 50 lb, Powerflex is ideal for all species. 
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    5.00/5 Stars out of 8 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome starter package. Came back from MT hooked on fly fishing and wanted a quality setup. This is it!
    Mike (Ky) | August 26th, 2023
    Awesome starter package. Came back from MT hooked on fly fishing and wanted a quality setup. This is it!
    Verified Buyer
    Best bang for the buck
    Chris (Northwest) | April 16th, 2023
    Amazingly great combination. We have purchased 2 so far for my daughter and I. Great high end rod that is perfect for beginners and moderately experienced alike.
    Verified Buyer
    Amazing deal
    Amund (Norway) | May 24th, 2022
    Quick and easy to order. Shipped to Norway in just over a week. Rod handles just perfect. The combo fits, and is great in use. I could not been more satisfied.
    Verified Buyer
    Someone who enjoys fishing
    Jerry (Ca) | November 25th, 2021
    I Purchased the six weight combo I am new to flyfishing I have been bass fishing for quite some time and became pretty accomplished in it when I called and talk to Seth he was full of information and happy to help me I have made many calls to him before I ordered this combo set it seems like I’ve got everything to go start hunting the trout and largemouth bass i’m very pleased with the product that I received I think it’s a great set up for the beginner fly fisherman like myself can’t wait to to become a decent fly fisherman I took it out for the first time today unfortunately yes I lost two flies from snapping it after that I just practiced without the flies and minimal snaps from the line now can’t wait till tomorrow to go through In the water again I wanna thank Real fly Rod employees for their prompt shipping an open book information thanks again Jerry PS I believe I found my home for my fly fishing equipment and my open book information
    Verified Buyer
    Great combo package.
    Kurt (California) | March 23rd, 2021
    I purchased this 7-weight foundation combo package and this complete package is the real deal. Everything arrived super fast, something like 3 days from purchase. I liked the fact that they matched the fly line with the tippet included the trout flies super awesome is all I can say. I looked around at different sites and everything that is in this kit is literally a ready to go fishing combination at a very reasonable price. It's cheaper than most places with everything combined. Great customer service, great product, will definitely do business again. Thank you.
    Verified Buyer
    Sage Foundation Package
    Travis (Ohio) | December 27th, 2020
    I purchased this set as to take the guesswork out of finding the “correct” items to get me on the water as it’s been almost 15 years since I’ve fly fished. This is a great kit, with all necessary items, tools and flies for what I was looking for in the local area. Awesome kit and customer service! Can’t wait to get out on the water!
    Verified Buyer
    Great starter package
    Jacob (CA) | December 24th, 2020
    After lots of research decided to go with the Sage Foundation outfit. I was excited to see this package that comes with everything I needed to start fishing. I showed the products to a long time fly fishing friend and he was impressed with the flies and gear it came with. I have already been on the street casting and the rod and reel are smooth and easy to learn on. I am already starting to hit my targets. Excited for local streams to open up and get out fishing with this package!
    Verified Buyer
    First Fly Fishing Gear
    Clay (TX) | December 16th, 2020
    Finally decided to buy my own stuff, and was happy to come across this package that had everything needed to get started. Everything was shipped quickly and arrived as described. Reel is already outfitted and it’s ready to hit the water. The selection of flies included is great and I can’t wait to use everything! Will definitely order from this site again.

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