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SA Vest Pack Assortment
    SA Vest Pack Assortment
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      SA Vest Pack Assortment

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    New to fly fishing and need to grab all the necessities for a season on the river? Maybe you're a seasoned angler and just need to replenish your stock of essential tools.  Now you have access to all the essentials in one package! The Vest Pack Assortment is your one stop shop for all those tools you can't do without when on the river.  The great news? You don’t have to use the Vest Pack Assortment with a vest. It works just as well with a pack, but Scientific Anglers has been calling it the Vest Pack Assortment forever, so the name just stuck. The package includes a handy retractor, a pair of serrated-jaw forceps, a hardened steel nipper, and a good, old-fashioned leader straightener.


    • Retractor stretches to 15” and pin-back attaches easily to shirt, vest, or pack
    • Forceps lock securely in three positions; serrated jaws grasp securely
    • Nipper made of hardened steel, stays sharp, and can quickly clear hook eyes
    • Leader Straightener eliminates coils
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