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Introducing RIO's New Predator Line Featuring SlickCast Technology

We took a deep dive into the new Predator Fly Line with SlickCast technology from RIO Products. 

Rio Predator Lines laid out in front of the display boxes

The Predator

The heir apparent to RIO's InTouch Big Nasty, the Predator is poised to knock the crown off of this crowd favorite. 

The most popular line in the new SlickCast Technology family among our shop employees is the new RIO Predator line. With a wide variety of applications, the Predator will prove to be an all-around great line for all anglers. The RIO Predator comes in all weights between 5wt and 11wt so it can be used when targeting everything between Bass all the way up to Pike and Musky.  

With a powerful front taper, the RIO Elite Predator lines are best used when throwing streamers, poppers, game-changers, including those 12+ inch chunky musky flies.

The Predator line comes in all the most popular sink rates so it can be used in a wide array of waters: 

  • Floating when targeting fish on the top water.
  • A 'Hover' sink rate for sub-surface species.
  • An intermediate sink for fishing mid-water. 
  • A fast-sinking line with 10' of extra fast sinking line for dredging deep and fast. 

One of the biggest changes between the RIO's Big Nasty line and the new Predator is seen in the new taper profile. The Predator features a shorter, more powerful taper that excels at shooting your large flies out quickly and with a little extra power. Below you can see the difference in the taper profile between the Predator (top) and the Big Nasty (bottom).

The Rio Predator line's shorter more powerful taper labeled with sections and lengths
The older generation InTouch Big Nasty taper

SlickCast Technology & ConnectCore Plus

Low Stretch

The Predator line features RIO's ConnectCore Plus which stretches 30% less than standard constructed cores. Lower stretch means that when you're on the water your line will be wasting less energy on the haul and you will be able to secure a faster hook set in your prey. 

Every Predator Line is built on the ConnectCore Plus which promises to be the most durable line on the market. RIO promises that you will get more life out of your lines if it's built on the the ConnectCore Plus, which RIO claims are the highest-performing and longest lasting lines in the world. 

Low Friction

RIO's newest lines, like the Predator, all feature the newest in low friction technology. SlickCast fly line coating was developed to be the best on the market. The new coating ensures the smoothest release and reduces the possibility of your line from getting stuck in your guides when hauling in your catch. 

If you're an angler who loves throwing those big flies, then the new Predator line from RIO should be the next line to add to your arsenal. To see our full selection of RIO lines with SlickCast Technology, like the Predator, click here. 

Our Thoughts

The New Predator Lines are among the shops more favorite of RIO's Line with the new SlickCast Technology. The smooth and powerful front taper means that you can load up our rods quickly and with fewer false casts. The Predator feels like a big step up from RIO's Big Nasty line and looks like it will be an excellent replacement to the older InTouch Pike/Musky lines. The Predator lines should prove to be very attractive to anglers targeting anything between Bass and Musky and they get the ReelFlyRod Pro Staff seal of approval. 

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