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Fly Fishing Gifts Under $25

Let's be honest, shopping for any anglers can be difficult because you don't want to get them something that they already have or get them an item of inferior quality to something that they may want. We've compiled this list of gifts which we would be more than happy to receive composed of items that will be appreciated by anglers of all levels. 

BUFF Neck Gaitor 

One of those accessories that you finally break down and buy years into your journey of fly fishing, and the minute you use it you start to wonder why you never grabbed on earlier. These Buffs give the equivalent protection of a 50+ SPF sunscreen, something that those anglers that like to sneak out in the early morning are apt to forget. Sun Protection, Insect Bite Prevention, Cooling Technology all packed into one lightweight garment that you always wished you had, even if you didn't know it. 

Korkers Neoprene Wading Socks

A lifesaver during the dog days of summer, a pair of neoprene wading socks let you escape the heat and get right into the water. Neoprene Wading Socks are normally the same size as the stockingfoot of waders which allows you to wade all year long in the same pair of wading boots without your boots knocking around loosely. If you've ever tried to just use your wading boots while only wearing a pair of socks you know that almost immediately you are bound to get pebbles and gravel in your boots, neoprene wading socks prevent all that while keeping your comfy.

Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder

Easy to access when you need it most. If you're staring down leader-shy trout and need to move to a thinner diameter leader, the Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder is there for you. The Headgate Tippet Holder is capable of packing in up to eight spools of tippet, enough to cover every situation you are likely to encounter on the water.

Fishpond Tacky Fly Box

One thing anglers cannot have enough of is a nice fly box. No one puts together a better fly box than the fine folks at Tacky and Fishpond. These Tacky fly boxes are designed to pack all of the flies you could ever need for a trip with their ability to pack in more that 250 flies. With Tacky’s original, patented silicone anchoring technology and bi-directional slits lining both sides of the box, up to 360 flies fit right in the pocket of your wet wading shorts.

Loon Mitten Scissors

Made of the highest quality surgical steel, they are precise enough to use year ’round, but designed to be used while wearing gloves or mittens. Mitten clamps are open and closed with the same squeezing motion, making clipping them to a pack or vest extra convenient.

Loon Rogue Scissor Forceps

Large, durable hemostats equipped with a cutting edge to maximize versatility. Handles include comfy grip for added traction, even when wet. Rachet locking handles, Sharp cutting edge which is a Half smooth, half serrated jaw, and a hookeye cleaning needle.

Umpqua Rivergrip Big Nip Nippers

Tungsten carbide cutting edges bite through any sized tippet with ease. A rubberized grip and eye cleaner result in the perfect nipper.

The extra large size on these nippers make them especially easy to use and the widened mouth means that your nippers won't be getting as dull as quick as a narrower pair of nippers. 

Loon Classic Nippers

Made with surgical quality steel and covered with comfy grip, these nippers are the perfect blend of comfort and performance. They include a straight cutting surface, an eye clearing needle and iconic Loon yellow comfy grip handles that improve grip, even when wet.

We're big fans of the bright yellow finish on these as it reduces the amount of fumbling when you're searching for your nippers on your pack or waders.

Loon UV Nano Light

Small enough to carry in the field, yet powerful enough to use at the bench. The nano light can be stored in a wader or shirt pocket for curing Loon’s UV Knot Sense or UV Wader Repair, but is also an excellent option as an economical light for tyers just getting started with using UV resins. One AAA battery included.

One piece of kit that we find hard to live without once you own it. Saltwater guys will love this for finishing strong knots with some UV Knot Sense, Fly Tyers will use this frequently to add some flair to flies, and clumsy anglers will appreciate the Nano Light when combined with Loon Wader repair to extend the life of their favorite pair of waders or wading pants. 

RIO Basic Trout Assortment

Our Basic Trout Assortment includes seven of the most popular and important flies for the trout angler. We have selected three dry flies representing a mayfly, a stonefly/hopper and a caddis, one soft hackle to imitate an emerging mayfly or caddis, two bead head nymphs for trout feeding on midges, mayflies and caddis, and a bead head bugger that represents minnows or leeches.

Trout anglers will certainly never say 'no' to the addition of flies to their boxes. The RIO Trout assortment consists of the most tried and true flies which have become timeless classics. 



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