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Adventure Anywhere. 

As part of their new lineup in 2022, Redington has announced the arrival of the TRAILBLAZER. This six-piece travel rod is dedicated to those anglers that like to bushwhack to unpressured waters, hop on their bikes bound for far off locations, and those that scour maps for undisturbed and diminutive bluelines while looking for big rewards.

The TRAILBLAZER takes over for the six-piece Classic Trout, what was previously the dedicated travel rod from Redington. Make no mistake though, the TRAILBLAZER is not just a cosmetic facelift built on the old Classic Trout rod. This is a brand-new blank that was built from the ground up for the TRAILBLAZER. 

All 6 pieces of the Redington Trailblazer Travel Fly Rod

Fit & Finish

Blank - There's no way around it, this is one of the most bright and vibrant rods we have ever seen. You nearly need to shield your eyes when taking this stick out of the tube. This is all done with a purpose though, when creating the finish of the Trailblazer, Redington wanted something that caught the eye just from a quick glance. If this rod tube is strapped to a carry-on, a bicycle, or a backpack you are definitely going to notice it. 

Hardware - Single-foot guides designed to cut down on as much weight as possible. 

Reel Seat - A lightweight, anodized reel seat for extra-durability. 

Performance - The ReelFlyRod Pro Staff tested the TRAILBLAZER the same day that we got our hands on the new Sage R8 Core Rods. While we were all obviously impressed by the performance of the new Sage flagship rod, we were all blown away by the performance of the Redington TRAILBLAZER. It was really jaw dropping how every ReelFlyRod staff member walked away at the end of the day gushing about the TRAILBLAZER with us all making plans to get one to stuff under our car seats or in the cab of the truck.

Model Reviews

5wt 9'0" - Perfect for high alpine lakes, where you need to cut through some higher winds. Felt best with just a general weight line like the SA Smooth Trout or the Rio Gold.

Best Application: Alpine lakes, general trout rod where you need to pack in as light as possible. 

Line Recommendation: Any all-around trout line, our favorites are RIO Gold, RIO Technical Trout, SA Smooth Trout or if you're looking for something a little punchier go for a Rio Perception or SA MPX

3wt 7'6" - Our personal favorite of the two rods, the 7'6" 3wt struck the right balance for speed, power, precision, and portability. A very easy rod to feel load and to cast, the 3wt will likely become the most popular of the two TRAILBLAZER models currently available. With the rod tube measuring only 16" in length, this is ultimate packable rod for the most adventurous anglers. 

Best Application: Small creek, blue lines, pond hoppers

Line Recommendation: RIO Creek, RIO Lightline

Closing Thoughts

The Trailblazer might go under the radar as just a travel rod but as far as mid-priced rods come this may be a sleeper for one of the best. Pair this rod with the Redington Zero and you're looking at on the of the best backpack and 

Hitting some alpine lakes or know that you will need a bit more punch for higher mountain winds" Reach for the 5wt 9'0" stick.

Are you the angler that likes to bushwhack out to your hidden spots or are in search of tiny bluelines? Grab the 3wt 7'6" rod.

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