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Thomas and Thomas Sextant 910-4 Fly Rod Combo
    Thomas and Thomas Sextant 910-4 Fly Rod Combo
    Purchase Thomas and Thomas Sextant 910-4 Fly Rod Combo
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      Thomas and Thomas Sextant 910-4 Fly Rod Combo

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    The Thomas & Thomas Sextant 910-4 fly rod outfit is the ultimate saltwater combo, perfectly balanced with a Hatch Iconic 9 Plus reel, and loaded with premium RIO Elite Flats Pro WF10 fly line, backing, and saltwater leader. All Thomas & Thomas combos are shipped properly rigged and ready to fish.

    The Thomas & Thomas Sextant is the perfect all-purpose saltwater fly rod, ready to take on fierce battles with juvenile tarpon, roosterfish, GT, permit, and really anything that roams the saltwater. Accurately casts flies from 25ft to 80ft and beyond with the Sextant 910-4 rod. The Sextant 10wt generates high line speeds and extreme power that doesn't kill a beautiful presentation. The Thomas & Thomas Sextant 910-4 fly rod is the flagship of saltwater fly rod, combining new technology and performance to continue pushing all limits of possibilities of everything salt. The end goal of fly fishing has remained the same, but the Thomas and Thomas Sextant is seeking out an easier way to deliver fly line and doing it by adding accuracy. The hardest factor of fly fishing is presenting an artificial fly at the right time and place while trying to convince the fish to eat, the Sextant is here to help.

    In saltwater fly fishing the presentation and placement are just as critical as casting a tiny dry fly to picky rising trout. But there is also a need for power not only to deliver large flies through strong winds but to also turn the heads of big fish. The Sextant fly rods are constructed to give a unique reinforced blank that enhances both strength and recovery. Featuring properties of high-performance unidirectional fibers improve the coefficient of energy that is completed through each section of the rod, resulting in a rod that loads extremely quickly and generates lightning-fast line speeds.

    The combined challenges of accuracy, delicacy, and power are met with the new Thomas and Thomas Sextant series. Each rod in the Sextant series face these challenges head on providing a smooth loading, quick recovery action that allows for precise accuracy at short distances without sacrificing the power and backbone necessary for punching flies at long distances through heavy winds.


    • Extra dense premium Flor grade cork grips, with
    • 1.25” composite reinforcement at the top end on
    • Matte Titanium finish uplocking anodized reel seat
    • washers between the locking nuts
    • Natural finish nickel-titanium RECoil snake guides
    • Super light titanium frame stripping guides fitted
    • with premium Silicon Nitride inserts. Rods 6-10wt
    • feature two stripping guides. Rods 11-12wt feature
    • three stripping guides
    • Stealthy semi-gloss blue finish with dark blue
    • primary wraps and seafoam green accent wraps
    • Optimized guide spacing strategy, with lower
    • stripping guide placement for increased lifting power


      Hatch made their Iconic Reel to be used for the long haul without sacrificing its lightweight feel. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, Hatch’s Iconic is light in your hand and prevents abrasion and corrosion from daily use. Able to withstand the terrors of saltwater even after you’ve dropped it in the parking lot, this reel is durable and can handle just about anything that you throw its way. 

      Hatch built their Iconic Reel with a Carbon Filled Drag System to place it at the top of their line when it comes to drag smoothness. A system that’s brand new and exclusive to the Iconic (at least for now), Hatch outfits this reel with a Carbon-Filled drag material that quickly dissipates heat and provides a feel that’s as smooth as glass. However, Hatch didn’t stop there--the Iconic removes the cassette housing of the drag system’s past. Instead, Hatch integrated it right into the body of the reel in order to increase stability while decreasing axial runout. A well-designed drag system that can stop anything from carnivorous brown trout to gator-sized tarpon, Hatch’s Iconic has a drag that you can count on everywhere you go. 
      The Hatch Iconic 9 Plus Fly Reel is specifically designed for battling hard charging predators in both fresh and saltwater. Designed from the ground up with similar features from the previous Finatic reel series, the Iconic Plus series blends traditional looks with specific upgrades outmatching any reels in its category.  The Iconic 9 Plus is the toughest, most versatile, and smoothest reel for chasing everything on the flats like bonefish, tarpon, permit and GT. The Iconic 9 Plus is available in both a Large Arbor and Mid Arbor spool design allowing to swap different lines and backing capacities to target a larger range of fish species. As a leader of fly reel manufacturing in the industry, the Iconic Plus series will stand the test of time. 
      Starting with a new look, the Iconic Reel features the famous Hatch window pattern with 6 spoke fins, along with a new drag knob design for a crisp "H" brand logo appearance. Hatch upgraded to a new bright dip finishing process that brings out the shine of the machined parts while keep the strong coloring of the matte anodize look. In the start of the machining process, the Iconic reel body is fully machined into a one piece frame, without any additional parts. This full body design is an advantage of never having a reel seat loosen due to galvanic corrosion or other parts loosening up over time. Hatch then milled the reel handle in a new machining process to help prevent galvanic corrosion along the handle, while having the reel handle have a softer look and feel. 
      New in this series, Hatch upgraded the spool design with machined ported holes in the spool allowing for lines to dry faster. The Mid Arbor spools are then machined with cut aesthetic holes on the side of the spool making it much easier to distinguish between a large and mid arbor spool.  Hatch improved the spool nut into a one piece milled construction in the spool, eliminating nut loosening and lost pieces.  
      Hatch also focused eliminating any contaminants from the drag system. In the previous Finatic series, the drag system was built on a separate cassette system. Hatch eliminated this feature and now builds the drag directly into the body of the reel. This greatly increases the stability and sealed protection of the drag system. The drag system now contains a new carbon-filled drag material that not only help dissipate heat faster, but also creates a smoother feel. 
      • Diameter: 4.375"
      • Width: 1.2"
      • Weight: 10.2oz
      • Lines: 9-11wt
      • Large Arbor and Mid Arbor Spool
      • Type II Anodization
      • Colors: Black/Silver, Clear/Blue, Clear/Red, Grey/Black


      RIO's New Eilte Flats Pro saltwater fly line is designed for anglers hitting tropical flats in search of bonefish, permit and tarpon. The line is built on RIO's new DirectCore and Slickcast coating, a proprietary low-memory, low-stretch monofilament core that retains its stiffness in tropical heat, yet lies straight on the water without curl or retraction. The core, which has 30% less stretch than regular tropical saltwater fly lines, casts further, ensures solid strip sets, and shortens fight times. The Slickcast creates the slickest, most durable coating on the market-producing the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line.

      RIO Flats Pro lines incorporate the SureFire triple color, distance-marking design that takes the guesswork out of accuracy and distance control, allowing anglers to make higher percentage shots to cruising targets. The DirectCore Flats Pro line is available in floating models and a clear tip "StealthTip" option that features a full-float head with six feet of clear intermediate at the tip. This nearly invisible front section allows for shorter leaders and easier, more accurate casts, while the increased density provides greater wind penetration.

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      What dreams are made of
      Chad (CO) | December 5th, 2023
      If i was rich I would buy this combo... But I am not. Hell of a rod

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