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Umpqua Eastern Trout Deluxe Fly Assortment
    Umpqua Eastern Trout Deluxe Fly Assortment
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    • SKU: 09274
      Umpqua Eastern Trout Deluxe Fly Assortment

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    Umpqua Deluxe Eastern Trout Fly Selection

    Umpqua Deluxe Eastern Trout Fly Selections include 20 proven Flies specifically for the northeast U.S. & Canada. The perfect Flies for Eastern Trout to match the Hatch in any situation!

    Fly Name Fly Size QTY
    Scheck's Spundun Sulpher/PMD 16 1
    EverGreen Easter Green Drake  8 1
    EverGreen Coffin Fly White 8 1
    Parachute Sulpher 16 1
    Scheck's Spundun, Hendrickson 14 1
    Barr's Drowned spinner, Trico 20 1
    Scheck's Spundun Baetis 18 1
    Beck's Sulpher spinner 16 1
    Beck's Emerger, Hendrickson 14 1
    Pearl Butt Trico spinner 20 1
    Barr's Vis-A-Dun, Baetis 18 1
    Barr's Vis-A-Dun, Trico 20 1
    Parachute Blue Olive 18 1
    AK's Red Quill spinner 14 1
    Spotlight Emerger Sulpher 16 1
    Spotlite Emerger East Dk Hendrickson 14 1
    Blue Wing Olive 18 1
    Burk's Hunchback Infrequens 16 1
    Barr's Flashback Emerger BWO  18 1
    Barr's Emerger, Trico 22 1
    Total Flies   20
    * Flies may vary slight ly due to availability    

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