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Umpqua TMC Shimazaki Dry Shakedun(Ea)
    Umpqua TMC Shimazaki Dry Shakedun(Ea)
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      Umpqua TMC Shimazaki Dry Shakedun(Ea)

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    Umpqua Shimazaki dry fly Shake

    Shimazaki dry Shake is the best dry fly reconditioner on the market. This is both a desiccant and Water-repellent powder in one. This allows you to recondition soaked or slime covered Flies on the spot. The Bottle is designed to treat the fly with the Tippet still attached. Simply place the fly into the Bottle and gently Hold the lid closed. Turn the Bottle upside down and Shake a few times. False casting will remove any excess powder, and your fly will Float as if it were New again. Shimazaki works wonders on CDC and other materials that tend to clump with other Floatants.


  • If you use dry Shake PRIMER prior to the first use, the powder treatment will last much Longer.
  • To avoid wasting powder, try first removing excess Water from the fly with a fly dryer or cloth.
  • Watch for when the light powder is used up, It is easy to confuse the desiccant from the Fine powder.
  • This is a great Tool to help beginning anglers keep a fly Floating even with a little drag.
  • The DUN color works best on dark colored Flies.
  • Options:  Regular or Dun
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