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Loon Outdoors

At Loon Outdoors we care. A lot. We care about our products getting the job done on the water. We care about the fish that are caught, the water that is fished, and the anglers themselves. We care about the people at our facility in Idaho, and care about the people at our factories overseas. We care about being excellent partners to our dealers and vendors. We care about taking care of people, admitting mistakes and making things right. We care about processes and waste and efficiency. We care about delivering and being on time. We care about learning, and we care about teaching.

We care about old-timers and long-timers, and we care about kids and newbies. We care about being clean. We care about our reputation and using our voice. We care about stewardship. We care about being great and doing good. We care because Loon Outdoors is more than floatant, more than tools, and more than accessories. We make products (and lose sleep making sure they are great products), but that’s only part of the story. Put simply, at Loon Outdoors we care about three things: Products, People, and Places. We care too much about all of these things to compromise on one in order to satisfy another.

Have product questions or need help choosing the right Loon tools or accessories to best suit your needs? Our Pro Staff of fly fishing experts is here to help you find the perfect Loon fly fishing accessories to maximize your success on the water!