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Redington Euro Nymph Field Kit Review

Coming off of the success of the initial success of the Field Kit, Redington has expanded their catalog to cater to a wider variety of angling styles and species. With the rising popularity of European Nymphing in the fly fishing world, rod manufacturers have taken notice of this growing niche and begun to make specially designed rods, reels, leaders, and lines for this angling style. 

One of the most recent outfits that has hit the scene is the Redington Euro Nymph Field Kit.  Field Kits are part of the Redington lineup that are a near all-inclusive package that ensures the angler is provided with everything that they need to be successful on the water. Each Field Kit comes with a rod, reel, line, and leader so that when you package arrives you are ready to hit the water running. No more piecemealing an outfit together and hoping that the rod and line all mesh well and cast coherently. 

"The Euro Nymph Field Kit is ready to high stick 'em in tight quarters. A wildly effective technique, Euro Nymphing is great for catching fish in water you might usually pass over. Easily detect the most subtle takes with a 10' medium action Euro rod paired with a large arbor diecast reel. Pre-spooled with RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Line and RIO Euro Nymph leader, the Euro Nymph Field Kit is locked and loaded for fun—putting fish in the net and learning new techniques." - Redington

Each Redington Field Kit purchased with ReelFlyRod is available with the option of a set of flies with your purchase so that when your new kit arrives at your door it is ready to hit the water with everything that you need.


The rod in the Redington Euro Nymph Field Kit is a 10'0" 3wt, one of the most popular configurations for nymphing techniques. This is also a great configuration for those anglers that are just dipping their toes into the waters of Euro Nymphing techniques or for anglers that are ready to take the jump into a Euro specific rod. This proprietary rod was designed with every component specially chosen for Euro Nymphing techniques. Single foot guides prevent line sagging which increases your strip sets. Downlocking 


The Euro Nymph Field Kit features the Run 5/6 reel. The larger size of the 5/6 helps to balance out the longer length of the 10'0" rod as well as the downlocking reel seat. The Run is one of the best deals in fly fishing when it comes to cost to performance. The Run features a solid and smooth drag, with tight manufacturing tolerances, which make it a great choice for outfits that run thin lines. 


RIO’s Technical Euro Nymph line has all the assets for the modern nymph angler. Built on a monofilament core that creates a stiff, slick line for quick feeding and less line sag between the rod guides, and an ultra-thin diameter to maximize sensitivity, and for lightning-fast hook sets. In addition, the core extends past the front end of the line to become a leader—resulting in no knots to get caught in the guides


RIO’S Technical Euro Nymph Leader has been designed for the ultimate in performance when fishing any of the European nymphing techniques. The extra-long, ultra-thin leader is incredibly sensitive to the subtlest of grabs, and the two-tone indicator tippet tied to the front  end has high contrast and is very easy to see.  The leader finishes with a RIO tippet ring so anglers can quickly and easily attach the tippet of their choice.

Technical Features: 

  • 10'0" 3wt Redington Field Kit Euro Nymph Rod
  • Redington 5/6 Run Reel
  • Downlocking reel seat
  • Durable anodized aluminum reel seat for long lasting performance
  • Powerful carbon drag system that offers smooth stopping power
  • Cordura Rod & Reel Case
  • Lifetime Warranty

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