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Redington Field Kit Reviews

Redington debuted the Field Kit combos to the fly fishing world in 2021 with the introduction of the Trout, Bass, Salmon, Coastal Coldwater, and Tropical Saltwater series. Following the success of the first Field Kits, Redington expanded their lineup to include two more outfits, the Euro Nymph and the Trout Spey Field Kits. With the addition of these two outfits, Redington now boasts seven Field Kits that cover nearly all types of fly fishing that new anglers are likely to consider. 

The Field Kits were designed as a way to have an all-inclusive combo tailored to a very specific fishing situation. This approach is intended to take the guesswork out for new anglers when it comes to which gear to choose. Every Field Kit combo comes with a cordura rod and reel case, species specific tapered leader, tippet spool, and when you shop with ReelFlyRod you have the option of included handpicked flies for your chosen species. 

Our customers and our Pro Staff have found out first hand what makes the Redington Field Kit program so popular. It's easy to have everything that you need right at your hand without the need to fuss over what line, reel, and rod all meshes well together. The performance of the kits makes them one of the better deals in the industry as they are great for that beginner and they are ideal for intermediate anglers looking to expand their techniques.

Trout Field Kit

The most popular iteration of the Field Kit lineup, the Trout outfit is one of our favorite all-inclusive combos that has everything you need to get out on the water as quickly as possible. The star of this outfit is the 9'0" 5wt rod which is a great all-around stick for trout all over the world. The 5wt represents the standard issue rifle of the fly fishing world, no quiver is complete without a five-weight stick. On top of the finely tuned 9'0" 5wt rod, the kit comes with one of our favorite performance-cost reels on the market, the Redington Run. The 5/6 Run is a lightweight, large arbor, cast aluminum reel which packs enough performance to punch well above its weight class. Rounding out the combo, the outfit features one of the best lines on the market in the RIO Gold, a great all-around line that can throw streamers, nymphs, and dries equally well. 

Bass Field Kit

Moving on up into larger freshwater species, the Redington Bass Field Kit has all of the technical aspects which make for the most competitive bass rods, a stiffer butt section for lifting heavy line and large flies, a fast action blank, power to fight winds, and enough accuracy to get into tight places like log jams and thickets. Just like the Trout, Salmon, Euro Nymph, and Trout Spey Field Kits, the Bass outfit also comes equipped with the solid Redington Run reel. The Bass Field Kit is loaded with the RIO Warmwater Quickshooter line which is specially made for bass anglers. Able to perform in the dog days of summer, launch chunky flies with a powerful front taper, and shoot with ease because of RIO's SlickCast coating, this line checks all the boxes of bass anglers.

Salmon Field Kit

The Salmon Field Kit rod possesses all of the features to tackle the hard hitting and powerful Salmon and Steelhead. A powerfully strong butt section for fighting screaming fish, a soft tip for protecting tippet, and an anodized aluminum reel seat to combat the potentially corrosive saltwater you may encounter. The Salmon Field Kit also features the Redington Run Reel which is highly thought of among our Pro Staff for its performance. Spooled up with the RIO Grand line which is an all-around great line for tossing eggs, Dolly Llamas, or Kilowatts. 

Euro Nymphing Field Kit

New for 2022, the Euro Nymphing Field Kit was designed to capture some of the audience of the ever-growing Euro Nymphing crowd. The kit features a 10'0" 3wt rod, one of the most popular configurations for the sport, a 5/6 Run reel for balance the length, and a RIO Technical Euro Nymph line. The Euro Nymph Field Kit is a high-performance outfit that eliminates the guesswork out of creating a dedicated and highly specialized nymphing kit. 

Trout Spey Field Kit

Introduced in the 2022, the Trout Spey Field aims to capitalize on the growing market of trout spey tactics. The Trout Spey kits comes with a 11'3" 4wt stick for covering larger rivers. The rod possesses a soft tip to protect light tippet, an ergonomic front and rear handle, anodized aluminum reel seat, and a downlocking reel seat to balance the length of spey rods. Once again featuring the Run reel, the Trout Spey utilizes the 7/8 Run to better balance the longer blank. 

Lines in general can be an especially confusing thing to navigate in fly fishing, this is doubly so when looking at Spey lines as they can easily become confusing very quickly. The Trout Spey Field Kit come loaded with the RIO Trout Spey line and includes two MOW Tips - 5' floating and a 5' sinking to cover a variety of situations.

Coastal Coldwater Field Kit

The Coastal Coldwater Field Kit is intended for cold water conditions and fish from rocky New England coasts to San Francisco Bay and covering stripers, bluefish, and albacore. The 9'0" 9wt rod has a stiff butt section for fighting and controlling fish and is an easy-to-cast medium fast action that any level of angler can appreciate. The Coldwater Field Kit comes with a 9/10 Behemoth which possesses some of the smoothest stopping power in the industry and game-changing quick line retrieval rate. The Coldwater Quickshooter is designed for the coastal saltwater angler fishing in cooler conditions and turning over baitfish patterns with its short, powerful front taper. 

Tropical Saltwater Field Kit

The 8wt 9'0" Tropical Saltwater Field Kit is an easy to cast medium-fast action that has enough reserve power to cut through the nasty winds that you may encounter while on the flats. A 7/8 Redington Behemoth backs up the performance of this rod with its quick line retrieval and smooth drag system. Loaded up with the Bonefish Quickshooter line means that you can take advantage of small windows of opportunity when you see stealthy bonefish shooting by you. The short, aggressive front taper of the line will allow you to throw clunky crabs and baitfish patterns with ease. 


ReelFlyRod is one of the largest Redington dealers in the nation and we are always happy to assist is steering our customer in the right direction. If you have and questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at the shop by contacting us via email [email protected] or by calling 937-434-8472. 

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