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Simms Waders

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Simms Waders

A review of each Simms Wader model

Simms complete line-up of men's fishing waders are handcrafted to outperform the elements all year round. Focused on performance and durability, Simms waders use cutting edge materials and innovative designs that will keep you comfortable all day long. Simms selection of waders include breathable Gore-Tex technology, waterproof nylon options, both boot-foot and stocking-foot designs, and more. Whether you need wading pants for hiking to your favorite fishing spot or deep river waders that can withstand harsh fly fishing environments, wearing a pair from Simms will let you stay focused on what you love to do. Simms Gore-Tex waders for men are made in Bozeman, Montana and all their waders are backed by the Simms 60-day “no questions asked” and 365-day leak-repair guarantees.

Simms G4Z Wader Review

Once again, Simms has impRoved its G4 wader line with an exhaustive list of new features. We tested the 2022 G4Zs and came away even more impressed than previous G4 versions.

Let’s start with the fabric, which is the main driver in this new wader. There are four layers of GoreTex PRO Shell fabric in the legs and seat for internal/external puncture resistance and durability plus a three-layer upper for increased breathability – all pretty standard fare for Simms. Compared to previous generation G4s, however, these noticeably more supple, and therefore more comfortable. You can throw every bell and whistle into a wader package, but they’ll amount to little without a satisfactory level of comfort. Comfort is king, and it’s the area where superior waders, liker these, normally make their mark. If you currently wear a previous generation G4 model: the difference is noticeable – the new G4s feel less bulky.

Another heavily revamped component is the neoprene boot. Anatomical left and right boots are now produced with baffled, compression-molded stocking-feet and the benefits are many: increased comfort due to reduced bunching and binding to produce a sock-like fit, minimal-to-zero lace bite, all of which leads to the holy grail: impRoved circulation – an absolute necessity on cold fishing days.

Suspenders can seem like a minor component until you log a long day on the water, and the current G4s are standard-bearers in this area. The adjustable spacer air-mesh suspender system with opposing buckles for waist-high conversion adds a level of on-the-fly flexibility. Beyond this, these large, padded and comfortable suspenders breath really well. One more thing: the suspenders sport a compact, hi-vis Sharkfin tab that functions as an ideally located hemostat docker.

Simms G4 Pro Wader Review

Simms already had what was widely regarded as the most comfortable, durable, and feature-rich wader on the face of the planet, but that didn’t stop them from scrapping the flagship made-in-Montana waders, and starting over with a new design, new materials, and a new Gore-Tex fabric for completely redesigned G4 Pro and G4Z waders.

The new Gore-Tex Pro Shell material is what dRove this redesign: It’s a tougher and more durable breathable material than the previous Pro Shell, which allowed Simms to build the new G4 with four layers in the legs—instead of the five layers in the old G4—for a wader that is lighter, more breathable, and, according to the results of more than 15,000 hours of guide testing, also more durable.

To go with the new Gore-Tex fabric package, Simms has also upgraded many of the most important components of the G4 wader, starting from the ground up, or in this case the feet. The redesigned neoprene feet on the G4s are more ergonomically shaped and sized, and Simms has used contoured, compression-molded neoprene in the feet to allow the material to crease and fold around your feet more uniformly and more comfortably. An unintended but pleasant consequence of the grooved, better-fitting stockingfeet is that there are fewer pressure points and better circulation, which in winter means your feet stay warmer.

The new waders also have a wider, more comfortable air mesh suspender system. It’s cooler on hot summer days, and more streamlined in places where you’re combining the waders with a jacket, backpack, or a lanyard. That’s a lot of stuff to have on your shoulders, so it’s important to start with the most comfortable suspenders possible.

Perhaps the most eye-catching part of the waders is the bright orange Sharkfin Buckle. This raised tab is for clamping your hemostats where you can easily grab them. It’s a hemo docking system that actually works, and stands up to the constant wear and tear of clamping.

G4 Pro waders have one large stretch mesh pocket and pass-through microfleece handwarmer pockets. The zippered G4Z has two separate fleece pockets and two zippered chest pockets.

Both waders have a looped fly field, attached neoprene gravel guards, front and back leg seams, a wading belt, and low-profile belt loops made with a Gore-Tex fabric that is more durable and doesn’t get in the way.

Simms G3 Guide Wader Review

The Simms G3 Guide Wader is our top choice because they offer tremendous breathability, durability, and longevity at a great price. Simms offers the widest variety of wader sizes, models, and technologies all in order to help us succeed on the water. When we buy new waders, we know we are making an investment that we can be confident in and rely on for several seasons as opposed to buying a new pair every year and spending more money in the long run.

The Simms G3 Guide Waders are specifically for the angler who is looking to get the most bang for their buck out of a pair of waders. Designed with Gore, the G3 Guide Wader features multiple layers of Gore-Tex material. A series of fibers woven so tightly that they create a waterproof yet quick-drying membrane around the user. With 3 layers of Gore-Tex starting from the waist-up and 4 layers protecting the seat and legs, the G3 waders offer reliability, durability, and breathability. We’ve all had days out on a warm afternoon where we get sweat build up inside our waders making our trip extremely uncomfortable and frustrating. Gore-Tex breathes better underwater, moving sweat away from our skin and out through the waders leaving us dry and comfortable after a long day on the water.

For investing in Simms Waders, Simms will now keep you protected with their warranty and repair services. At any time if your waders begin to leak, tear, or get pin holes Simms will fix these issues no questions asked. We’ve worn through several pairs of waders from several makers and Simms is one of the most customer focused and oriented companies within the fly fishing industry. We highly encourage you to ask questions when you make a wader purchase. Having a proper pair of quality waders like the Simms G3 Guide Wader will contribute to a longer, happier, more comfortable experience on the water.

Simms Flyweight Wader Review

The all-new, award-winning Flyweight waders were designed for the angler who gets after it all day long. You know, the guy who hits the trail at sunup and fishes through sundown, and puts a couple of miles between them and their vehicle. The Flyweight Waders feature Gore-Tex Pro Stretch Fabric (a 3-layer upper and a 4-layer lower), which makes them lightweight, durable, and super comfortable for those long hikes to the water. They're the perfect waders for hiking into the backwoods or making that journey into the backcountry chasing natives in the summer.

The waders also feature integrated a 5.11 Hexgrid platform that provides the angler with unmatched modularity. The waders are just one part of a fully-featured fishing system that includes lightweight, versatile packs, outerwear and accessories.

Made from three different Gore-Tex fabrics, the Simms Flyweight Waders feature stretch panels in the crotch and sides, giving you increased mobility and flexibility. A Hex Grid chest panel allows users to affix other components such as pack vest, nest holster, bottle holster, or bear spray.

Simms Freestone Z Wader Review

The Simms Freestone Z Wader is a feature-rich stockingfoot wader that is well priced and is designed with 4-layer Toray QuadraLam wader laminate that is waterproof and breathable wader fabric that features a YKK Aquaseal waterproof center front zipper for extremely fast access and quick relief on the water. The Simms Freestone Z Wader is designed with patented front and back leg seam design for a wonderful articulated fit with added mobility and comfort and also comes designed with 2 large fleece lined hand warmer pockets that are secured with storm flap closures and are large enough to store fly boxes.

The Freestone Z Wader is also designed with an adjustable 1.5 inch elastic suspenders with opposing YKK buckles to create a waist high conversion and also comes with dual retractor docking stations on the chest pockets as well as internal magnetic retainers for tool retention, so make sure to check out the Freestone Z Waders. Simms best warranty in wading comes standard. 

Simms Freestone Wader Review

Simms' Freestone Stockingfoot Wader is your go-to companion from first cast to lasting obsession. Durable, breathable four-layer Toray QuadraLam™ fabric handles brushy approaches and cold wet weather, while the articulated fit promotes natural mobility both on the trail and in the water. When it comes to small details that make a big difference, the Freestone includes a large fleece-lined, reach-through handwarmer pocket to heat up cold fingers, a secure chest pocket to hold essential tools, and a dedicated fly patch for sidelined flies. This is a great wader for the newer and occasional angler.

Simms Tributary Wader Review

The Simms Tributary Wader is one of our best selling waders. We’ve been waiting for years for Simms to build a quality wader at this price. The Tributary Stockingfoot Wader is a trusted ally as you gain confidence and master your fishing skills. Built with pRoven Simms durability, these dry, breathable men's waders promote natural mobility while you negotiate steep trails and deep rivers. Key features include a large fleece-lined, reach-through handwarmer pocket for fishing through cooler days, plus a secure chest pocket for keeping tools and fly boxes within close range. Enjoying Simms comfort and quality in a full stockingfoot chest wader under $200 makes Tributary waders an easy decision.

Have product questions or need help choosing the best Simms waders to suit your needs? Need help selecting the right size? Our Pro Staff of fly fishing experts is here to help you find the perfect Simms waders to maximize your comfort and enjoyment on the water!

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